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Published on July 9, 2014

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10 Tips Driving Lesson In London Ontario: 10 Tips Driving Lesson In London Ontario Oneway Driving School Tip 1: stay cool: Tip 1: stay cool patience is a virtue when it comes to learning to drive Don't pressurise yourself when you start to learn Never listen to people saying “it’s so easy, I that In first chance”. Build your confidence not over confidence www.onewaydrivingschool.ca Tip 2: Get the basics: Tip 2 : G et the basics Do basics reading before you start your driving lessons. If you are clear with the basics then there chance to understand how to manage the controls If you know someone like friends or Parents who have already clear the test, try to get their driving knowledge.. Do it, don’t hesitate. If you have a car, sit with your parent or friend and ask them about the controls and their uses. www.onewaydrivingschool.ca  Tip 3: Do your homework:  Tip 3: Do your homework There are basically two car lessons : 1.Theory 2.Practical Theory lessons include highway codes, Driving Sign Practical lessons include controls, Driving instructions, etc. Before stepping inside a car, perhaps whilst waiting for your provisional license or between lessons. The Highway Code is a great place to start. Also, starting to practise your driving theory and hazard perception on a PC or video could boost your skills and improve your chances of passing both the Theory and Practical Tests. www.onewaydrivingschool.ca Tip 4: If in doubt, ask!: Tip 4: If in doubt, ask! As driving differs for car to car, So do doubts. Driving isn't a one-size fits all activity If you're struggling with a certain technique or style you shouldn't be afraid of asking the instructor if there's another method most instructors will have lots and lots of different techniques tailored to suit various individuals It's in their interests too and they know all the tricks to get you up and running! www.onewaydrivingschool.ca Tip 5: Drive on all types of roads: Tip 5: Drive on all types of roads Make sure you drive on all the different types of road before taking your test. You need to be comfortable on all the different roads Try various speeds so when you actually get the keys points of the car and drive it properly Try to control car on incline road with the help of the instructor. www.onewaydrivingschool.ca Tip 6: Ignore the rumours: Tip 6: Ignore the rumours Try not to listen to horror stories about car driving before the test. A lot of the time people only talk about the test when they've failed, just simply ignore the discussion. When people have passed they don't tend to volunteer information about their failure The test isn't as bad as you think! So don't be put off by rumours of people failed for wearing the wrong clothes or nightmare. www.onewaydrivingschool.ca Tip 7: Do a mock test: Tip 7: Do a mock test Mock tests with another instructor are a good indicator of how independent you are on the variety of roads It also avoids costly - and basic - mistakes. Tell friends or parents to help you for mock test. Or do self mock test in front of mirror helps a lot. www.onewaydrivingschool.ca Tip 8: Practise outside of lessons: Tip 8: Practise outside of lessons Lessons cost an awful lot of money and driving is as much about experience as anything so drive with parents or other suitably qualified people whenever possible. Private practise is good so long as the person you're with and the instructor are working together www.onewaydrivingschool.ca Tip 9: Keep it quiet: Tip 9: Keep it quiet It's a good idea not to tell everybody that you're doing the test. You put pressure on yourself rather then get pressure from others. You're terrified you're going to fail because everyone is texting you and phoning you but if you've simply got a couple of friends or family in the loop you feel less pressurised www.onewaydrivingschool.ca Tip 10: Drive in as many conditions as possible: Tip 10: Drive in as many conditions as possible If your schedule allows try and have lessons at different times of the day It's all very well having your lessons after nine in the morning Try at different phases : if you've never driven at night, you've never driven in the wet or at dusk you're not going to have a feel for all the conditions Your test could take place in the middle of the school run rush hour or later in the day when the roads are quieter so make sure you have experience of both www.onewaydrivingschool.ca PowerPoint Presentation: Oneway Driving School 1440 Jalna Blvd. Unit #3 London, Ontario N6E 3P2 Phone: (519) 601-0363 E-mail:  [email protected] www.onewaydrivingschool.ca

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