drop two lowest formula

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Published on December 11, 2009

Author: cwarner

Source: authorstream.com


=(SUM(B2:F2)-SMALL(B2:F2,2)-SMALL(B2:F2,1))/(5-2) : =(SUM(B2:F2)-SMALL(B2:F2,2)-SMALL(B2:F2,1))/(5-2) Enter an = sign to begin making a formula Create the SUM function and include the entire row of grades in the array Subtract the two lowest grades by creating two SMALL functions. Include the entire row of grades in the array, but then enter a comma and include a 2 in the first function and a 1 in the second. This will subtract the second lowest grade and then subtract the lowest grade. Divide the entire formula by the remaining grades: the total number of grades less the number dropped You must Parenthesize the Entire Formula

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