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Published on September 23, 2014

Author: creativetechnoso

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PowerPoint Presentation: http://www.cts-in.com/ Creative Technosoft Systems E-Clinic Online Clinic Management Solution PowerPoint Presentation: What is e-Clinic E-Clinic is a state-of-the-art, fully integrated comprehensive solution from the real work flows of clinic based physicians that offers a full suite for Clinical Management Activities. E-Clinic is designed and developed as a powerful, flexible and easy to use web application to deliver real conceivable benefits to clinics, assisting user to administer a huge data in clinic and it can be accessed via PC, laptop, ipad, iphone or other smart phones. PowerPoint Presentation: Who can use E-Clinic? The purpose of E-Clinic Application is specifically designed to delineate the boundaries of the Healthcare Information System design and functionality. It maintains 4 levels of users: PowerPoint Presentation: Features of E-Clinic? PowerPoint Presentation: Benefits of E-Clinic? Access to accurate information about all the patients in the clinic Spend less time spent in tracking down records and test results Physicians can check their appointment schedules from their mobile devices Faster access to relevant information makes you take better clinical decisions. Simple and easy to operate PowerPoint Presentation: Thank You AN EXCELLENT CHOICE FOR YOUR CLINIC TO GET ONLINE

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