Earth Sky Gate Best Commercial Project in Gurgaon Sec-88 Call For Best

Information about Earth Sky Gate Best Commercial Project in Gurgaon Sec-88 Call For Best

Published on March 11, 2014

Author: miaatibuildcon



Gurgaon Sector­88: Earth Sky Gate Proje c t , Gurgaon Secto r ­88 Draft Project Brief Earth Gr oup o f Co m panies EARTH SKY GATE IS BEST COMMERCIAL PROJECT IN GURGAON SEC-88 CALL FOR BEST DEAL -9871306969 PowerPoint Presentation: Eart h Sky Gate Draft Project Brief Project Na me: Earth Sk y Gate. Location: S e c t or‐88, Gurg a on. Plot Size : 13 Acre s (Tentative Area). FAR Area (Achieved): 9, 9 0,993 Sqft (T e ntative Area). Supe r Area (Approx) : 15, 41,330 Sqft (Tentative Area). Project Ty pe: Mix e d Land Use Project. Principal Consultant: Sikka Associates Ar chit e cts. Ente r tainm e n t & T h em e Consultant: M/s Sanderson Gr o u p Inte r national. Sanderson G r o u p has been enga g ed to f u rnish the fo l l owing consu l tanc y services: The me Design. Ente r tainm e n t Design – Indoor & Outdoor includ i n g rides and att r actions Maste r Plan Design & La ndscape Concept Design. Masc ot Development and suggestion of Names of the Proposed T h em e Destination for Mark e t ing Adverti s ement and B r anding purp oses. Kid s Zone Design. Design Brief: Sk y Gat e project is a mix e d land use pro j ect, w h ich consists of R e tai l spaces, En te rtainm e n t spaces, Apartment & Boutique Hotel alo n g with Piazzas for a whole ne w e xp er ience for the visitors. Site: Th e project site is l o cated i n a suburb of Gurgaon now referred as N ew Gurgaon, is fast eme r g i n g as a vibra n t residential and business hu b. T h e site is in close proximi t y to Industrial M o de l Township Manesar and is expected that roughly 1 .5 million pe o ple shall r e s i d e in Sectors 8 5 ‐ 95 by 2012. Wit h a dozen of r esidential proje c ts already u nde r constru c tion a n d m a n y proposed i n various categories. Location Ad v antages: Th e project s ite is str a teg i call y located at the junction of Sector 88, flanked b y 60m wid e Sector Road on the front while 135m road corridor towards the nort h ‐ west side. Thi s Corner location g i ves the Project a un i qu e advantage fo r m visual and comme r c ial point of view. Onc e the Dwarka Expressway is fully operational the site will b e well co nnect e d from Nat i o n al Highway 8, which would b e very near from the site. Met r o corridor is also planned alo n g the Dwarka Expressway which will b e a major p l u s point since the m e tro will b e at walking distance fro m the site.

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