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Published on May 25, 2008

Author: wing.newton



Slide 1: China ... three-year-old Yang Yang kisses a beluga whale during a publicity photo call at the Qingdao Polar Ocean World, June 2, 2007 / Reuters photo Slide 2: Serbia ... soldiers practise riot control techniques at a base in the western Kosovo town of Pec on March 25, 2007 / Reuters photo Slide 3: United Kingdom ... a reveller slides in the mud during the Glastonbury music festival in Somerset, June 22, 2007 / Reuters photo Slide 4: Guatemala ... a giant sinkhole that swallowed several homes in Guatemala City, February 23, 2007 / Reuters photo Slide 5: Philippines ... students wearing rubber boots use chairs as a make-shift bridge to get to a classroom in Taytay, north of Manila, July 18, 2007 / Reuters photo Slide 6: USA ... boots representing Corporal Timothy D. Ross sit among more than 3400 pairs of combat boots, one pair for every US soldier killed in the Iraq War / Reuters photo Slide 7: Palestinian territories ... Hamas fighters inside the personal meeting hall of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas after they captured his headquarters in Gaza June 15, 2007 / Reuters photo Slide 8: China ... a labourer in the dust at the construction site of the National Olympic Stadium, also known as the Bird's Nest, in Beijing May 17, 2007 / Reuters photo Slide 9: Democratic Republic of Congo ... officials look at four mountain gorillas that were illegally killed in the Virunga National Park, July 26, 2007 / Reuters photo Slide 10: Austria ... women dressed as clowns in front of a work by British artist Damien Hirst titled "Iodomethane - 13C" at the Kunsthaus in Bregenz, February 17, 2007 / Reuters photo Slide 11: Australia ... Jimiyu, an 18-month-old male giraffe looks out the back of a transport truck on his way to his new home at Taronga Zoo in Sydney, August 22, 2007 / Reuters photo Slide 12: South Africa ... surfers in an attempt to break the Guinness world record for the highest number of riders on a single wave at Muizenberg in Cape Town September 2, 2007 / Reuters photo Slide 13: USA ... the tiny feet of Amilia Sonja Taylor, the world's most premature living baby, after her birth at Baptist Children's Hospital in Miami, Florida / Reuters photo Slide 14: Poland ... a banner of prime minister and leader of PiS (Law and Justice) Jaroslaw Kaczynski is taken down from a building in the centre of Warsaw, October 30, 2007 / Reuters photo Slide 15: France ... an official takes the rifle of a Republican guard soldier after she fainted during Bastille Day parade in Paris, July 14, 2007 / Reuters photo Slide 16: USA ... contestants compete in the WE television network's "Bridezilla-Ultimate Cake Eating Contest" in New York's Times Square June 12, 2007 / Reuters photo Slide 17: United Arab Emirates ... riders pass a chemical plant during the sixth stage of the Tour of Qatar race from Sealine Beach Resort to Doha February 2, 2007 / Reuters photo Slide 18: Poland ... a combination of pictures shows two planes from the Zelazny aerobatics team crashing at the Radom Air Show, September 1, 2007 / Reuters photo Slide 19: Colombia ... revellers perform during a parade at the Carnaval de Barranquilla in Barranquilla, February 18, 2007 / Reuters photo Slide 20: China ... a murder suspect is shot by a water cannon at a hospital in Shenyang, April 3, 2007 / Reuters photo Slide 21: South Korea ... members of the South Korean Marine Corps scrub their bodies with snow during an annual winter season drill in Pyongchang / Reuters photo Slide 22: Indonesia ... children play on a railway track in a slum area in Jakarta, January 30, 2007 / Reuters photo Slide 23: Scotland ... France's Gregory Havret is drenched in champagne after winning the Barclay's Scottish Open golf tournament, July 15, 2007 / Reuters photo Slide 24: Autonomous province of Kosovo ... a Kosovo Serb priest walks through a demolished church at a graveyard in the ethnically divided town of Mitrovica, February 10, 2007 / Reuters photo Slide 25: India ... a boy plays in the waves of the Arabian sea at a beach in Mumbai, July 17, 2007 / Reuters photo Slide 26: Taiwan ... a crocodile at a zoo in the southern city of Kaohsiung holds the forearm of a zoo veterinarian in its teeth, April 11, 2007 / Reuters photo Slide 27: China ... a man walks on the handrail of a staircase at a flooded street in southwest China's Chongqing municipality, July 17, 2007 / Reuters photo Slide 28: Malaysia ... toothless kangal, or "doctor" fish, nibble the dead skin of a customer's feet at Malaysia's first fish spa in Kuala Lumpur, November 13, 2007 / Reuters photo Slide 29: Malaysia ... Diana Hadi, a staff member at the Tiara Beach Resort, in a swimming pool with 20,000 apples in an attempt to set the national record for the most number of apples used in spa therapy / Reuters photo Slide 30: Japan ... the charred remains of a China Airlines plane on the tarmac on the island of Okinawa, August 20, 2007 / Reuters photo Slide 31: Japan ... a boy watches the beetle sumo competition of the IWBC (Insect World Battle Championships) in a miniature ring in Tokyo, August 26, 2007 / Reuters photo Slide 32: Iraq ... male and female pilgrims are separated by a barrier at the Imam Hussein shrine in the holy city of Kerbala, March 8, 2007 / Reuters photo Slide 33: Germany ... polar bear cub Knut plays during his first outing in the Berlin Zoo on March 23, 2007 / Reuters photo Slide 34: India ... a volunteer runs with a blanket to help a performer during a dare-devil act called "The Great Fire Escape" in the city of Hyderabad, March 25, 2007 / Reuters photo Slide 35: Japan ... Austria's Gunther Weidlinger falls during the heats of the men's 3000m steeplechase at the 11th IAAF World Athletics Championship in Osaka, August 26, 2007 / Reuters photo Slide 36: Greece ... a firefighter watches a firefighting airplane unload water during a forest fire raging out of control near the village of Karytena, September 1, 2007 / Reuters photo Slide 37: China ... the world's tallest living man, Bao Xishun, a 2.36m tall herdsman meets He Pingping, who measures just a 0.73m / Reuters photo Slide 38: East Timor ... a voter shows his ink-stained finger after casting the ballot in Dili June 30, 2007 / Reuters photo Slide 39: Baluchistan province ... villagers surrounded by flood water near Shahdad Kot, July 3, 2007 / Reuters photo Slide 40: Brazil ... carnival revellers of the Unidos da Tijuca samba school parade during the second night of competition between the schools in Rio de Janeiro, February 19, 2007 / Reuters

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