Easy Repair Solution for a Wrinkled Deck

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Published on July 22, 2014

Author: DeckDaddy

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Easy Repair Solution for a Wrinkled Deck : Easy Repair Solution for a Wrinkled Deck The truth is, a new deck remains new only for a while, and then it starts wearing out after few weeks. The process is natural. It will be good as new for weeks and then one fine day you will see splinters, cracks and popped up nails on your deck. Decks do go through wear and tear and thus require regular maintenance; once or twice a year to ensure they look fresh and are safe to step on. The usual wear and tear isn’t an alarming sign, but you do need to take corrective measures to repair the deck and bring it back into a safe condition. Here are some deck repair solutions for a damaged deck : PowerPoint Presentation: Supports Deck : when it comes to deck repair, it is vital to start from the bottom. Check the footings, if they are loose or uneven, you will need to replace them immediately. Replace old screws with new ones, fix floorboards, fasten the guardrails and fix the joists. Cracks Deck : no matter how well maintained you deck is, cracks and splits are bound to occur. This mainly due to the contraction and expansion of wood throughout the seasons. One way to have it fixed it turn over the cracked board to have the bottom side on top. However, if that is even damaged, you will have to inject fasteners in the cracks to fill them up. Usually, good quality deck oil can do the job. PowerPoint Presentation: Sanding Deck : as decks wear out, the color of the wood fades and becomes tinted. Sanding the floorboards will remove the tinted color of the wood and bring out the original color of the wood on surface. You may have to fit the sandpaper between the joists to make sure you can sand each corner of the deck well. If you notice splinters while sanding, remove them and then sand that area to clear away rough edges. Deck Washing : another way to bring the deck back into tip top condition is to use a deck wash. A deck wash usually contains bleach which removes the tint from the wood. Apply the deck wash onto the wood and brush it in the direction of the board. When you brush the deck, the original color of the wood will start to show. PowerPoint Presentation: Seal Deck : the last step is to use a deck seal that is used to prevent moisture from penetrating into the wood. The seal contains deck friendly oils that penetrate into the wood and preserve the condition of the deck. Apply the seal on the floorboards, guardrails, and all parts of the deck. Leave the seal to dry before using the deck . A wrinkled deck is a common complaint, but these above mentioned steps provide the right kind of deck repair solution . Keep your deck in top condition and enjoy cookouts, family get-togethers, and other events on your deck without a worry!

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