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Published on December 9, 2009

Author: dreloj



EcoGreen HDTruck : EcoGreen HDTruck Efficient, Eco-Friendly Alternative-Fuel Heavy-Duty Trucks TM What It Is : What It Is Pre-converted heavy-duty trucks running on alternative fuels, as well conventional diesel fuels. Alternative Fuels BioDiesel EcoDiesel Green Diesel Reformulated Green Diesel Conventional Diesel More fuel efficient than similar unconverted models. EcoGreen HDTruck Conversion Technologies Used : Conversion Technologies Used Automatic Fuel Heating System Hydrogen Enrichment Technology Extreme Pressure Lubrication System EcoGreen HDTruck Conversion Technologies Used : Conversion Technologies Used Automatic Fuel Heating System Enables the use of eco-friendly Alternative Fuels Hydrogen Enrichment Technology Improves fuel combustion efficiency Improves fuel economy by 15% - 30% Reduces toxic emissions (PM, CO, HC, NOx) Extreme Pressure Lubrication System Improves fuel economy (10% - 15%) Increases engine horsepower (5% - 10%) Extends oil-drain interval (2 – 3 times) Prolongs engine life EcoGreen HDTruck Automatic Fuel Heating System : Automatic Fuel Heating System Enables the use of: B100 Biodiesel EcoDiesel EcoGreen HDTruck Hydrogen Enrichment System : Hydrogen Enrichment System Improves fuel economy by 10% - 30% as claimed by equipment manufacturers. EcoGreen HDTruck Extreme Pressure Lubrication System : Extreme Pressure Lubrication System Bypass Filtration System. Extreme Pressure Engine Oil Package EcoGreen HDTruck DM-X Engine Protector : DM-X Engine Protector EcoGreen HDTruck Extreme Pressure Engine Oil Package : Extreme Pressure Engine Oil Package DM-X Engine Oil, or DM-X-Approved Engine Oil Plus DM-X Engine Protector 10,000-Mile Engine Oil Analysis Kits Five (5) kits TBN Replenishment Supply Five (5) units 100,000-Mile Engine Oil Guarantee We will replace the engine oil for free if oil change is required prior to the guaranteed 100,000-mile oil change interval. EcoGreen HDTruck PayBack Calculator for Cost of Conversion : PayBack Calculator for Cost of Conversion EcoGreen HDTruck How to Acquire One : How to Acquire One How to Acquire One : How to Acquire One Simple Purchase Outright Purchase of Unit Purchase of Conversion System Financing Self-financing Nebraska Energy Loan Program EcoGreen HDTruck Nebraska Energy Loan Program : Nebraska Energy Loan Program Purpose Purchase of Dedicated Alternative Fuel Vehicle Financing of Conversion of Existing Vehicle to Alternative Fuel Vehicle Maximum Amount $150,000.00 Interest 5% p.a. Repayment Terms Up to 15 years EcoGreen HDTruck Referral Program : Referral Program Program participants who make successful referrals will be given $1,000 for each unit or conversion. Successful referral means: The person making the referral is a program participant. The person referred to became a program participant. EcoGreen HDTruck END : END Thank you for attending… Images : Images In-Tank Exchanger : In-Tank Exchanger Heated Fuel Line : Heated Fuel Line Hydrogen Generator : Hydrogen Generator Installed Hydrogen Generator : Installed Hydrogen Generator How Hydrogen Enrichment Works : How Hydrogen Enrichment Works Bypass Filters : Bypass Filters

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