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Published on December 7, 2009

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Wrestling : Wrestling How to score By: Ken Rodriguez ….but Mr. Rodriguez, why are we doing this? : ….but Mr. Rodriguez, why are we doing this? Since we are not able to actually partake in the sport of wrestling, and we are in our winter sport unit, we are going to learn about it instead. This presentation was made to help us understand the basics of how to score in a wrestling match. After viewing this presentation, we should be able to attend a wrestling meet and understand the point system. Quit Ways to score in a match : Ways to score in a match Takedowns Escapes Reversals Near Fall Penalties Team Points Videos Resources About the Author About the Presentation Quit Takedowns : Takedowns A takedown is two points You score when you take your opponent down to the mat You must be IN CONTROL of the opponent in order to receive your points Quit Escapes : Escapes An escape is worth one point You can escape after being taken down, or by starting in the down position You receive your point when your opponent has LOST CONTROL of you, causing you both to be in the NEUTRAL position Quit Reversals : Reversals A reversal is worth two points You can reverse someone after they take you down, or by starting from the down position A reversal is when you cause your opponent to LOSE CONTROL while at the same time you GAIN CONTROL This is different from an escape because an escape ends with the neutral position, and reversal ends with one wrestler on top and another on bottom Quit Near Fall : Near Fall Near fall, or back points, can be worth two or three points Back points are given when you attempt to pin your opponent To receive back points, you must expose your opponents back to the mat Exposing the back means having both shoulders within four inches of the mat Near fall lasting for 2-4 seconds is worth two points Near fall lasting 5+ seconds is worth three points Quit Penalties : Penalties Penalties points can be worth one or two points A penalty point is given to one wrestler when the other commits an infraction Infractions include: -Illegal Holds -Technical Violations -Unnecessary roughness -Unsportsmanlike conduct -Flagrant Misconduct -Stalling -Incorrect starting position or false start For some infractions, such as stalling and some technical violations, you are given a caution or a warning. Usually, the second or third time you are cautioned is when the opponent will receive their point(s) Quit Team Points : Team Points In wrestling, there are more than just individual points, there are team points Teams score by winning matches At a dual meet, team points are awarded as follows: -fall (pin), forfeit, default, disqualification - 6 team points -technical fall (one opponent gets ahead of the other by 15 points in the match) - 5 team points -major decision (winning the match by 8 - 14 points) - 4 team points -decision (winning the match by fewer than 8 points) - 3 team points -in the event of a tie: there is no set scoring rule for ties as of now Quit Team Score Match Score Wrestling Videos : Wrestling Videos Click here to watch a video on basic scoring. Watch the referee as he counts near fall points. For a more in depth explanation of scoring, watch these videos: -Scoring -For Spectators Quit Author’s Slide : Author’s Slide My name is Ken Rodriguez. I am a student at Grand Valley State University, majoring in Physical Education with a minor in Health. My hopes are to teach grades 10-12 and coach the high school wrestling team. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me. Quit Resources : Resources http://www.ccsd.k12.wy.us/schools/TSJH/Activities.htm http://www.allstaractivities.com/images/wrestling-ref.gif http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2308/2123038934_73e17a1fcd.jpg http://www.wvmat.com/overview.htm Quit

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