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Published on July 14, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: Edge of Seattle French Cooking School Uberge Edge of Seattle Cooking Classes are managed by the chef who is doing the class, and therefore, the classes are focused on things he or she is most passionate about: experimentation and tradition, quality and flavor, perfection and pleasure. The menus express chef's energy, curiosity, depth of knowledge and sense of wonder at the culinary possibilities one has yet to discover. All of our Chef's are French Classically Culinary Trained. With Chef Mido at your side, you will be introduced to the exotic combination of ingredients and techniques that exemplify traditional Basque cuisine. Even the most jaded palates will respond to the delicious and astonishing blend of flavors that you will learn to create in your own kitchen with some great Basque recipes. PowerPoint Presentation: French Regional Cuisine Cooking Classes In France, every road leads to a splendid food. More than that, France is a store house of fine ingredients and infinite richness that embraces ancient Regional traditions (zealously retained in spite of new administrative boundaries), the landscape, the flavors of its cuisine and the methods of preparation particular to each small area. Each Region has maintained the originality of its culinary traditions. French cuisine is today thought of as a major art form, the cuisine owes this status to the enormous riches of its countryside and to its people who have a history of tradition fine cuisines. PowerPoint Presentation: Cooking Fundamentals and Technique Series Topics of study below are of fundamental techniques of French Classic Cuisine. We are teaching step-by-step culinary preparation techniques along with nutrition and palette-building lessons. These basic cooking theories and technique courses will introduce the student to the application and development of French cooking fundaments and techniques. A good grasp of the Culinary Basics will give you the confidence to apply these skills to any recipe or to create your own recipes. Whether you're more of a take-out expert or you're looking to perfect your Hollandaise sauce, Auberge cooking school caters to chefs of all levels and abilities. You'll find our hands on workshop classes a great way to cultivate your culinary skills in an easy-to-follow progressive format. Once you've taken our classes you will have all the tools you need to become a top-notch home chef. In this class students will become familiar professional knife grips for all the basic knife cuts and cutting techniques used in a professional kitchen. They will develop familiarity with handling and caring for a knife, including the proper way to hold various knives. PowerPoint Presentation: For More Information Please Visit Our Sites http://www.edgeof-seattle-cooking.com

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