Eduard Stoenescu engraving on glass

Information about Eduard Stoenescu engraving on glass

Published on December 8, 2009

Author: aSGuest33547



Slide 1: Dessign: [email protected] Link to YOUTUBE: Eduard Stoenescu Stained Glass Art Works Slide 3: Eduard Stoenescu Vitrals Art Works Slide 14: Study for ‘Sun’ Slide 15: The Tulipe Slide 16: The Mynostorros Slide 17: The beauty of Rose Slide 18: Arabesque Slide 19: The end of the Storm Slide 20: The Dream Slide 21: Triptique Slide 22: GOD is ONE; mankind made HIM many: one Mosaic, one Christian, one Muslim For find other works / same author:  go to Google Type : ‘opis mesaros-anghel’ and Select first site Or Double Click left Mouse under this Picture: E-mail: [email protected] Mobile: 0731507381, 0720347745 To my Mother: Thaci Raisa Gherschovici To my Nephew: Rareş Stoenescu 

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