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Information about Effective IT Support - Faichi Case study

Published on March 10, 2014

Author: faichisolutions

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How Faichi helped its client to reduce the IT Support turnaround time by 85%: How Faichi helped its client to reduce the IT Support turnaround time by 85% ©2014 Faichi Solutions Pvt. Ltd. About our client : About our client ‘HighWire Press’ is a division of the Stanford University Libraries. As the leading ePublishing platform, HighWire partners with independent scholarly publishers, societies, associations, and university presses to facilitate the digital dissemination of 1741 journals, books, reference works, and proceedings. ©2014 Faichi Solutions Pvt. Ltd. PowerPoint Presentation: The Problem HighWire engaged with Faichi to streamline their support process to accomplish following objectives : • Decrease response time for open tickets • Decrease number of open support cases • Increase productivity of support team • Effectively manage the support process ©2014 Faichi Solutions Pvt. Ltd. PowerPoint Presentation: The Faichi Solution ©2014 Faichi Solutions Pvt. Ltd. We helped our client streamline their support process and gain improvement in all facets of the support cycle Key changes implemented in the support process: • Introduced “QuickWins” using Agile/Scrum practice, which was instrumental in segregating support tickets that were easy to fix • Deployed IRC support process for faster response time t urnaround • Introduced “OpenSheet” for communication between on-site and off-shore teams • Increased throughput by resolving more number of support cases per resource • Reduced production code migration time PowerPoint Presentation: Implemented “QuickWins” concept which enabled quick resolution of simple bugs. Decreased turnaround response time by 85% The Outcome ©2014 Faichi Solutions Pvt. Ltd. PowerPoint Presentation: The Outcome ©2014 Faichi Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Reduced time to migrate code to production by over 60 % Increased productivity of resources by resolving 40% more tickets in the same amount of time PowerPoint Presentation: The Faichi Difference ©2014 Faichi Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Implemented quick changes which enabled immediate ROI to our Customer Designed a Client specific implementation support methodology by leveraging the past experience in Application Support Ensure minimal disruptions during the migration process , delivering high availability Implemented Application Support processes to streamline the clients support process Faichi ramped up the team from scratch to 15+ resources in less than 3 months PowerPoint Presentation: About Faichi Solutions We are a technology company in Pune, India specializing in outsourced product engineering & setting up offshore development centers We hold expertise in technologies such as Drupal, Java, Mobile and UI/UX development Established in 2009 , with a vision to transform the outsourced product engineering landscape through technical excellence and delivery model innovation Faichi Solutions has successfully delivered some of the most complex technology projects through partner collaboration & agile processes ©2014 Faichi Solutions Pvt. Ltd. PowerPoint Presentation: To read more case studies of Faichi S olutions, please visit: www.faichi.com/success-stories For more information please visit: www.faichi.com or mail us at [email protected] USA India Faichi Solutions Inc Faichi Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 2023 Mandelay Pl 504 , Accord IT Park, Baner Road , San Jose, CA 95138 Pune , Maharashtra – 411045 Tel : +1 (408) 769-4941 Tel : +91-20-65291435 ©2014 Faichi Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Thank You!

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