Eko10 - Security Monitoring for Big Infrastructures without a Million Dollar Budget (Juan Berner & Hernan Costante)

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Published on November 1, 2014

Author: hernancostante

Source: slideshare.net

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Nowadays in an increasingly more complex and dynamic network its not enough to be a regex ninja and storing only the logs you think you might need. From network traffic to custom logs you won't know which logs will be crucial to stop the next attacker, and if you are not planning to spend a half of your security budget in a commercial solution we will show you a way to building you own SIEM with open source. The talk will go from how to build a powerful logging environment for your organization to scaling on the cloud and storing everything forever. We will walk through how to build such a system with open source solutions as Elasticsearch and Hadoop, and creating your own custom monitoring rules to monitor everything you need. The talk will also include how to secure the environment and allow restricted access to other teams as well as avoiding common pitfalls and ensuring compliance standards.

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