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Published on July 19, 2014

Author: arokiaitindia

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Quality E-Learning Content Development: Quality E-Learning Content Development E Learning life cycle: E Learning life cycle Elearning Development Licensing & Maintenance 7/19/2014 2 Arokia IT Application Development(LMS) Animation Development : Animation Development Story Boarding Production 7/19/2014 3 Arokia IT Content Gathering Content Gathering – Story boarding : Content Gathering – Story boarding 7/19/2014 4 Arokia IT Content Source Content Available in the Market Client Provided Data Textbooks Power Point Videos Documents Convert to Story Board Content Analysis Content Correction and Enhancement Story Boarding Client Review Approved Re-work Instructional Designing Animation Development Flow(2/2): Animation Development Flow(2/2) 7/19/2014 5 Arokia IT E- learning Production / Team Lead Resource Plan List of components & Objects Story Board – Visualization Client Approved Story Board Approved Client Demo Re-work Integrate Content into LMS Voice Over Sample / Professional Quality Control Thank YOU: Thank YOU 7/19/2014 Arokia IT 6

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