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Published on July 29, 2014

Author: SkateTek

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Welcome To Skate Tek: Welcome To Skate Tek http://www.skatetek.com/ Our Products and Services: Our Products and Services . Electric Skateboards . Motorized Skateboards . Wireless Electric Skateboards . 3g Inteli Wireless Remote Control . Mamba 3000 All Terrain Electric Skateboard . 2500 Watt Twin Motor All Terrain Electric Skateboard . Electric Skateboard Wheels . 300W Electric Skateobard . 1000W Hawk Electric Skateboard . 1200W Eagle Electric Skateboard . Skatetek Lynx 1000w . 500W Falcon Electric Skateboard Gallery: Gallery Skateboards Parts: Skateboards Parts . 36V 12Amp Lithium Battery Smart Charger . Supergrip All Terrain Drive Wheel Complete With Rim and Gear . Custom Maple Skate Deck . 6 Air Tire With Rim and Tube . Intelligent Lithium Battery & Smart Charger Combo . 800W Smooth Wheel . 800W Rim . 800W Remote Control . 800W Lead-Acid Battery 36V Charger . Custom Bamboo Skate Deck . 800W Micro Computer . 800W Knobby Drive Wheel . 800W Knobby Tire . 800W Drive Chain . 800W Drive Belt About Us: About Us “Skate Tek” is leading retailer & supplier of electric skateboards. We are ready to bring adventure in your life with our unique designs and large selection on wireless electric & motorized skateboards. We offer skateboards equipped with ABS braking system and also skateboard parts at reasonable prices. We have professionals who are committed to design skate boards with high quality, perfect shape and features. Contact us to check out our most latest and huge collection on electric and motorized skate boards. Contact Us: Contact Us Contact us to check out our most latest and huge collection on electric and motorized skate boards. Browse through our Electric skateboard model range. We guarantee you will find an electric skateboard that suits your needs perfectly. By Phone:1800-337-7276 for US and Canada client 647-996-9094 For International client. General Information: [email protected] Sales: [email protected]

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