EMF radiation protection

Information about EMF radiation protection

Published on April 17, 2009

Author: chargehealthproducts

Source: authorstream.com


Slide 1: EMF Radiation Protection Slide 2: Protect yourself and your family easily, safely and inexpensively! Have you noticed the almost daily news alerts to the possibility that cell phones may cause cancer? Heed these warnings! www.chargehealthproducts.com Slide 3: The advent of cell phones and cordless phones marks the first time in history that all of us in the general population are using devices that shoot microwaves directly through our skulls and into our brains. www.chargehealthproducts.com Slide 4: Protect your brain . . . with the only proven device . . . that protects the user . . . while not interfering . . . with the working of the cell phone. Slide 6: EMF Radiation Protection www.chargehealthproducts.com

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