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Published on December 8, 2009

Author: thaPrinceguy

Source: authorstream.com


thaPrinceguy, Le Story Blog : thaPrinceguy, Le Story Blog From thaPrinceguy.blogspot.com Empathy : Empathy As he walked into the room he closed the door and found himself to his chair, bringing the chair closer to the desk he pulled out a plain white sheet of paper and his favorite pen, flicked the lamp on and began… Empathy : So close but yet so farI long for who you are,Your every look of joyProves me right I am your boy, Empathy Empathy : Empathy With every step you takeI stand right behind,You’re the only one living in my mind,Seems like you just want to beBut baby don’t you know me, Empathy : Empathy I am here for youAnd that’s just what I do,I am here to serve you and love you every single day,And to listen to every little word you say, Empathy : Empathy Then paused, brought to mind his intentions for the song and her reactions to it; but thought to himself he was not brave enough and what if she didn’t like it. what if she got mad at him for sending it? Empathy : Empathy Then again what if he signed it anonymously? It seemed like a solution; she could read and judge it. Maybe even share it with her friends and saving himself the embarrassment; yet he knew he would have to come forth someday and tell her that he wrote it. Empathy : Empathy But only after he knew she liked it, but what if she would judge him for not signing it in the first place? Or what if she found it distasteful and threw it away? If he mentioned it to her she would be upset. Empathy : Empathy Exasperated, he stood up and gazed out the window into the sky. The moon and stars shined above, and he wished for courage, for the bravery it took to go up to her and reveal his true feelings, his emotions, his dreams; to share every day with her, to comb her hair with his fingers, to stroke her cheeks oh so gently and show her he was hers. Empathy : Empathy But instead he grabbed the letter crossed it out and threw it into the trash can; he knew that whatever he felt, she was not to see. The End : The End Thank you for watching, I hope you enjoyed. If you’re interested in reading more feel free to visit thaPrinceguy.blogspot.com or subscribe!

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