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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: ccpindia

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PowerPoint Presentation: Comprehensive Contact Center Performance Management System and customer retention increased revenues increased efficiency that translates into For PowerPoint Presentation: A state of the art contact center performance system that precisely identifies performance diminishers in real time, to enable immediate targeted efficiency enhancing actions CCP PowerPoint Presentation: Based on a structured and detailed methodology developed by highly experienced experts in contact center operation in diverse organizations Incorporates a wide variety of data analysis to pinpoint problem areas requiring immediate attention: CTI, CRM, WFM, ERP, Billing etc. Information is presented in tables and graphs designed specifically for displaying contact center data, to maximize benefit Uniqueness PowerPoint Presentation: Real time analysis of sales, effectiveness, service, efficiency and quality, based on a multitude of indicators Time periods of interest (days of the week, holidays, etc.) are definable, allowing exceptionally valuable data analytics Drilling down to the single call, hour or operator allows isolating the root cause of problems Based on QlikView for real time data updating and analysis Smoothly interfaces with all relevant organizational systems Main Features CCP Marketecture: CCP ‘DWH’ CCP Engine Call center Avaya Genesys Symposyum More… Enterprise CRM ERP Billing Knowledge Mng More… WEB Mail Messenger Chat More… Effectiveness Service Efficiency Quality 360 ° dashboard view Color coded display Hierarchy settings Intuitive UI All data at your fingertips CCP Marketecture Full coverage Display Highly adaptable Extensive drill downs Easy data comparison Graphs developed for CC Queries and reporting Decision support tool Quality NICE Customer satisfaction More… Sales Unique features HR Presence WFM Shift Mng More… CCP Dashboard: CCP Dashboard DEMO PowerPoint Presentation: Implementation Process Straightforward implementation process of approximately 4 weeks The CCP system is established at the client’s site CCP experts learn the client’s organizational and operational characteristics The system is adapted and configured for optimal performance CCP is installed and assimilated for immediate client benefit Diverse Clientele: Diverse Clientele CCP is the contact center performance management solution preferred by banks, insurance companies, investment houses, hotel chains, transportation companies, telecommunication providers, vehicle location and towing companies, and more. Client Testimonials: Client Testimonials "Amazing results! Within only two months of implementing CCP we achieved a 14 second reduction in call duration, 25% improvement in waiting time, and sales exceeding the defined goals." U. Yunisi – Director of the National Contact Center, Mizrahi Tfahot Bank "A significant competitive advantage, thanks to methodology designed specifically for contact center management… In the dynamic and competitive environment Harel operates in, CCP's flexibility comprises a significant advantage for customer service." K. Arnon - VP, Customer Service Division, Harel Insurance Company “A significant increase in efficiency with a 20% reduction in the operating costs of our contact centers. CCP's advanced capabilities, its data transparency, reliability and the ease of drill downs allow us to make informed decisions in real time and immediately test their effectiveness." Yossi Regev, Executive Vice President, Shagrir Pointer (vehicle towing and location services) PowerPoint Presentation: Bank  service CC  i ncoming calls  25,000 calls per day  400 CC representatives 6 weeks Average talk time Average paperwork per call Average time to answer Success Story A Characteristics Implementation period Results ROI 5 months -7% -29% -26% Success Story B: Success Story B Characteristics Implementation period Results ROI Finance company  mainly outgoing calls  3,000 calls per day  50 CC representatives 2 weeks Average talk time outgoing calls Average talk time incoming calls Average paperwork per call 3 months -11% - 9% -21% PowerPoint Presentation: Based on a comprehensive methodology developed by a multidisciplinary team of experts specializing in contact center operation and management Developed to improve efficiency and performance of contact centers, technical support centers, customer support centers, outgoing call centers and more Real time optimization Identifies issues requiring urgent attention and resource allocation Performance is easily analyzed in relation to organizational goals and objectives Advantages PowerPoint Presentation: OOB: Readily available, eliminates heavy investment in funds and time required for in-house development Frees the organization’s IT staff to handle organizational needs Directly interfaces with commonly used contact center software Quick assimilation Advantages (cont.) Superior contact center efficiency reduces operational costs, enhances customer retention and increases revenues PowerPoint Presentation: Thank you www.contactcenterperformance.in [email protected]

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