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Published on July 13, 2014

Author: apssarathi

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Empowerment, Team and Teamwork: Empowerment, Team and Teamwork By A.PARTHA SARATHI IV MECH KCET, Virudhunagar [email protected] Empowerment: Empowerment Empowerment is an environment in which people have the ability, confidence and the commitment to take the responsibility and ownership to improve the process and initiate the necessary steps to satisfy the customer requirement in order to achieve organisational values and goals Principles for empowering employees: Principles for empowering employees Tell people what their responsibilities are Give them authority equal to responsibility Set standards of excellence Provide them with training that enable to maintain the standard PowerPoint Presentation: Provide feedback on their performance Allow them to fail but guide them when needed Treat them with dignity and respect Trust them and create worthiness in the organization Characteristics of empowered employee: Characteristics of empowered employee They feel responsible for their own task They are given a free hand in their work They are well trained, creative and customer oriented They have self esteem and motivated PowerPoint Presentation: They are challenged and encouraged They are maintain and improve their work continuously They find new goals and change challenges Team: Team Defined as group of people working together to achieve common goal or objectives Team work: Team work Is the cumulative actions of the team subordinates to fulfill the goal of the group TQM based on the involvement of everyone in making improvements, so working in team is an inseparable part of the TQM environment Benefits of team work: Benefits of team work Improved solutions to quality problems Improved ownership of solutions Improved communications Improved integration Types of teams: Types of teams Process improvement team Cross functional team Natural work team Self directed or self managed work team Process improvement team: Process improvement team Focuses its attention on improvement of a process which is already operating in a satisfactory level They are meant for each operation of the process or sub-process Depending on location the internal or external customer and supplier also included in the team Cross functional team: Cross functional team Very successful in solving complex problems involving functions of various departments Discuss the complex problems and break these into parts and refer these to departmental teams P roblem is solved at the level of cross functional team Natural work team: Natural work team Team comprise of all the members of the work unit Manager is also part of the team and he is selecting the projects to be improved Some of the employee not co-operate in team work so that manager should motivate and make them to feel comfortable in the team Self directed work team: Self directed work team Group of individual work together continuously They plan, execute and control their work to achieve defined output They meet daily to plan their activities Additional responsibilities of the team are Hiring,Dismissal,Performance evaluation, Training Characteristics of Successful team: Characteristics of Successful team Sponser Team charter Training Clear objective Accountability PowerPoint Presentation: Resources Trust Open communication Appropriate leadership Balanced participation Creative team work: Creative team work Role of team members: Role of team members Feel themselves responsible and equal Be interested and motivated Accept, appreciate and respect each other Give higher priority to continuous improvement Participate actively with team PowerPoint Presentation: Trust, support, understand other team members Attend training seriously with a responsible attitude Be responsible for own contribution as well as result of the team Recognize their responsibility for improvement Barriers to team progress: Barriers to team progress Insufficient training Lack of planning Lack of management support Lack of union support No time to do improvement work PowerPoint Presentation: THANK YOU

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