energy crisis and role of renewable energy

Information about energy crisis and role of renewable energy

Published on January 13, 2011

Author: vinay.vasi



Year 2020The Global Energy Crisis : Year 2020The Global Energy Crisis Slide 2: We will run out of Oil Slide 3: We would have squeezed out all Coal, Oil & Gas Slide 5: Will be common Slide 6: You will enjoy candle light surfing Slide 7: Every Dinner will be a Candle Light Dinner Slide 8: 2020 BC 2020 AD Slide 9: What is Aishwarya Rai Wearing ? Who is eliminated ? What’s the score? Can you raise the volume on TV? From where will you get your power ? : From where will you get your power ? Slide 14: Energy Crisis Act before this nightmare become a reality Slide 15: The Next Energy Destination Slide 17: harness the power of the sun Slide 19: harness the power of Wind Hydropower to Electric Power : 21 Hydropower to Electric Power PotentialEnergy KineticEnergy ElectricalEnergy Mechanical Energy Electricity Energy from the moon : Energy from the moon Slide 34: ALGAE Slide 37: gREEN bUILDING cONCEPT Slide 40: The Future is in Your Hand

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