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Published on August 6, 2014

Author: tienganh

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PowerPoint Presentation: Who’s the artist? PowerPoint Presentation: Adele She sold over 26 million copies of “21” Her latest album,“21”, was inspired by a b reak-up. Rolling in the deep, Set fire to the rain, Someone like you She earned 6 Grammy Awards PowerPoint Presentation: Time for some rolling… in the deep!!! PowerPoint Presentation: Exercise 1 : Put the sentences in the correct order (1-5). We could have had it all See how I leave with every piece of you You had my heart inside of your hand Finally, I can see you crystal clear The scars of your love remind me of us PowerPoint Presentation: Exercise 2 : Tick the words you hear. PowerPoint Presentation: Exercise 3 : Listen carefully and complete the gaps. 1. You’re gonna wish you _____________ had met me 2. We _____________ have had it all 3. Rolling in the _______________ 4. You ____________ my heart inside of your hand PowerPoint Presentation: Exercise 4 : Count how many times the word “ played ” was sung and tick the appropriate box. 1 2 3 4 5 PowerPoint Presentation: Which phrases show her anger / that she wants to get revenge ? 1. I’ll lay your shit bare 2. See how I leave with every piece of you 3. Don’t underestimate the things that I will do 4. You’re gonna wish you never had met me 5. I’m gonna make your head burn e a b d c PowerPoint Presentation: Is it d ee p or d i p? That’s the question! PowerPoint Presentation: Pronunciation p ea ch / i: / p i tch / ɪ / Listen and say. R ea ching a f e ver p i tch. Listen and say. p ea ch, d ee p, p i tch, d i p Which word doesn’t have the /i:/ sound, as in peach ? r ea ch, f ee l, i t, b ea t, d ee p

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