Enhanced eCommerce Web Tracking Advantages

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Published on August 1, 2014

Author: Qualdev

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PowerPoint Presentation: Enhanced E commerce Web Tracking Advantages    PowerPoint Presentation: The enhanced ecommerce plug-in for analytics.js enables the measurement of user interactions with products on ecommerce websites across the user's shopping experience. With such an amazing plugin , you can track almost anything like product impressions, product clicks, viewing product details, adding a product to a shopping cart, initiating the checkout process, transactions, and refunds. PowerPoint Presentation: How would such enhanced e-commerce benefit? PowerPoint Presentation: Measurement of Overall Product Success PowerPoint Presentation: One of the most vital parameters to consider is the success or failure of a particular product or service. Measurement of product’s success really depends on how well is the product accepted among the visitors, prospects and buyers. Through enhanced e-commerce tracking, merchants like you will easily be able to identify right products, FABs that sell and the products that need improvement. PowerPoint Presentation: Placement of Products PowerPoint Presentation: Apart from the overall success or failure of the products, you would also be easily able to decide the placement of the products or merchandising. You would be able to decide whether there is a need of promoting the product or if there is any need to change the placement from back pages to forward pages. With clicks and enhanced e-commerce tracking you will get an understanding of placing products aptly over the shelf. PowerPoint Presentation: Reduced Abandonment PowerPoint Presentation: Reduced Cart Abandonment is again one of the major benefits of such enhanced e-commerce web tracking . With an increase in the cart abandonment rate, there is a huge loss of revenue and apart from sending automated triggered workflows, with enhanced e-commerce tracking you will be able to see the abandonment rate, which consumers leave cart, typically why they leave the same etc. PowerPoint Presentation: Transactions and Refunds PowerPoint Presentation: With so many transactions happening every day most merchants find it extremely difficult to track transactions and refunds. Advanced enhanced web tracking will help achieve these goals swiftly. Thus, these are the few handful of advantages of enhanced e-commerce web tracking. PowerPoint Presentation: Address: QualDev 179B Old South Path, Melville, NY – 11747 Phone: 631.236.5408 Fax: 631.961.8780 Email: [email protected]

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