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Published on August 4, 2014

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Enjoy Quality and Relevant Results with Blekko: Enjoy Quality and Relevant Results with Blekko PowerPoint Presentation: Blekko is a new-age, consumer-facing search engine. This latest entrant to the highly competitive search engine market seeks to completely eradicate the menace of spam and search engine manipulation. It is made possible by a judicious amalgamation of human expertise and complex algorithms that provides an effective barrier against the nefarious designs of unethical webmasters. Almost all the major internet search engines today make use of complex programs called robots or spiders to source and index content from billions of websites on the World Wide Web. The search engine goes through the indexes built by robots and crawlers to display results in response to user queries. These algorithms, however, are not 100 percent tamper proof despite the best efforts of search engine programmers and firms. PowerPoint Presentation: They can be manipulated and fooled by cunning webmasters and SEO technicians into believing that the website is popular and contains relevant information. Search engine crawlers then give such web pages higher ranking in search engine results page (SERP). Before we proceed further, it is important to pay attention to what is SERP, how susceptible it is to manipulation and what steps are effective in ensuring that the tampering is kept to a minimum level. We shall also see as to how a judicious mix of search engines for finding information online can save us a lot of trouble and precious waste of resources. PowerPoint Presentation: What Do You Mean By Search Engine Result Page? Search engine result pages are the result pages that the search engine displays in response to user queries. Internet search engine basically displays two kinds of listing, which are as following: Organic SERP listing: It is the original listing that has been indexed by the search engine spider. Any search engine displays results taking into consideration a variety of factors like keywords relevancy, forward and backward links, and meta tags, among others. Paid SERP listings: These listings are also called sponsored listings. What it means is that such websites are charged a certain fee by search engines to display them on the front pages of t he result returned by them. This can also be termed as paid form of advertisement where website owners or firms have to pay a certain amount to ensure that the search engine puts their webpage on top of their result page. PowerPoint Presentation: Ways and Means of Manipulating SERP The internet today has become one of the most powerful communication mediums. As the influence of the internet grows and it continues to attract users looking for information on a wide variety of topics, firms are desperately vying to get noticed online. This is not easy, as there are billions of websites on the World Wide Web. The market has become crowded, which has resulted in immensely tough competition. It is not easy to get noticed online and chances of your site attracting quality traffic could slip, if the website fails to provide enough justification to the search engine robot that it deserves a place at the top. You have to put in a lot of effort developing a website. You need to have quality content, superior graphics and images, relevant links, and good SEO experts, among others to get noticed online. PowerPoint Presentation: Some unscrupulous webmasters, however, do not believe in hard work and always turn toward short cuts to achieve their objectives. They employ a wide variety of unscrupulous methods in order to trick the search engine robots into giving them a higher ranking. Quite a few major search engines give added weight to websites that have a large number of links. This makes sense, as more links originating to and fro from the website point to its importance and relevancy. This often leads to buying of links by unethical webmasters. Some try to make a fool of the search engine crawlers and form a group and link with each other to trick search engines. Page stuffing is another popular method employed by sham webmasters to increase the ranking of their websites by driving out competition. PowerPoint Presentation: A website scoring high on SERP is duplicated by tricksters to ensure that the duplicate page too scores a higher ranking in the results returned by web pages. This suppresses competition and deprives users of a fair search engine experience. Blekko is a popular search engine that involves human experience and expertise along with complex algorithms to ensure that the quality of the results returned by it does not go for a toss, owing to above mentioned manipulating techniques. It is a search engine that believes in transparency and prefers quality over quantity. It has been its constant endeavor, since its inception, to deliver superior quality and relevant results from the most trusted of sites. It is, therefore, important that you turn towards Blekko to quickly and effectively get what you want without any frustration or loss of time and other precious resources. PowerPoint Presentation: Blekko http://blekko.com/ 130 Shoreline Drive, Suite 200 Redwood City, CA 94065 Thank You

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