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Published on December 7, 2009

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Slide 1: eolii.com / eolii.biz Slide 2: Welcome to Earnonline India Our Profile: Earnonline India was established on 3rd Feb 2006 with our slogan saying “Making Money Made Easy” and now we are among the fastest growing Internet Company in the India with a network of over 30+ finest websites. We Welcome you all to the internet opportunity that shall last till the planets do. Come become the messenger of the money talk and a catalyst for a better world. Earnonline India Team is standing by for this business fusion so as to reach out and eradicate poverty from the face of Our Mother India. The power of Internet Money is being unleashed like never before through the internet ..............Partner this revolution right here. We are working in field of Website Promotion and providing Online Web Services. Services offered by us are: -     1) Domain Names, 2) Domain Forwarding, 3) Web Hosting / Hosting Plans 4) Free Email - @eolii.com & Business Email, 5) Search submission, 6) SEO - Search Engine Optimization, 7) SEM - Search Engine Marketing, 8) Web Designing / Development, 9) Custom Website Designing/Development, 10) Website Redesigning Services, 11) PowerPoint / Flash Presentations, 12) Online Services & Cheap Websites eolii.com / eolii.biz Slide 3: Welcome to Earnonline India Our Websites: www.earnonline.co.in www.eol.org.in www.EarnonlineIndia.com www.royalorientcamp.4t.com www.clickforfame.com www.Click4Fame.com www.eolii.com www.eolii.in www.eolii.co.in www.eolii.co.uk www.eolii.org www.eolii.biz www.eolii.net www.eolii.info www.eolii.us www.eolii.name www.eolii.co.cc www.DatingisFun.co.in , www.unlimitedfunnyjokes.com www.DollarsnYou.com www.eolbux.com    Client Websites Designed & Maintained by Earnonline India: www.brightindia.co.in www.shreecontractor.com www.sajth.com www.miraculousindia.com www.miraculousindia.co.uk www.fasear.com www.indianbookshopee.co.in www.moneymem.com www.letsstudyinswiss.com www.colorsbuying.com www.ajmerhotelshivampalace.com eolii.com / eolii.biz Slide 4: Some Facts you would Like to Know ? The latest statistics on Employment and Unemployment Situation In India released by the National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) reveal that the unemployment rate is indirectly proportionate to the level of education, that is, there are fewer unemployed among the uneducated and that too among youth in the age group of 15 to 29 years. In rural India, every 187 men out of 1,000 who have completed at least their graduation remain unemployed. In urban India where 207 out of every 1,000 men who have completed their graduation or have gone beyond that remain unemployed. in urban India where 207 out of every 1,000 men who have completed their graduation or have gone beyond that remain unemployed. Every 104 men and 190 women out of 1,000 in rural India who have completed their higher secondary education remain unemployed as against 68 men and 117 women who have studied only up to the secondary level. In case of urban India, 138 men and 230 women out of a 1,000 remain unemployed as against 103 men and 268 women out of 1,000 who are educated only up to the secondary level. In total, the trend shows that in both rural and urban India, unemployment rate among the educated was higher. More than 6 crore educated youth are unemployed and this number is increasing day by day. That means that even after having Good Degree , there is No Job Guarantee. Source – The Hindu, Business Line Internet Edition. eolii.com / eolii.biz Slide 5: eolii.com / eolii.biz In the era of modernization and Industrialization; Is their a way to Earn Extra Income through Genuine Method. Generate Cash using the platform provided by Earnonline India Slide 6: eolii.com / eolii.biz Slide 7: Earnonline India – (Short Form is eolii) was started with an aim to help make money from Internet. In this process Earnonline India has gathered information on Internet after 3 years of extensive research and study of various programs related with money making opportunities on web. We have finally designed and tested the money making business on the net. We found out the answer and it is through Affiliate Marketing, CPC, CPM, CPA/CPL. You can do simple search work on the net using search engine. The result is most of the top companies in the world adopt the affiliate program as their business tool in converting their products/services into profit. eolii.com / eolii.biz Slide 8: Affiliate Program (a brief)10 seconds TV commercial Ads on prime time cost around Rs.50,000/-. Advertisement on Front page of newspaper costs more than 1 lakh. The main motive of any advertisement is to reach the prospective customers.The companies are ready to spent money for getting the prospective customers. But more than half percentage of amount spend on the advertisements are going in vain.In 1997 Jeff Bezo CEO Amazon worked out a different advertisement method to capture the customers. Later it is named as Affiliate Marketing.Affiliate marketing is a form of online marketing where an advertiser pays for results rather than paying to reach a particular audience. Affiliate advertiser’s products or services offered by another website (advertisers) in his website, in exchange for a commission for a commission on leads or sales. The publishers (affiliate) displays banners, ads, text links or products on their website and is paid a commission by the advertisers when a visitor takes a specific action, such as filling out a form or making a purchase or by making a click on particular ads.. eolii.com / eolii.biz Slide 9: eolii Package has been Developed in such a way that all the category of people benefit from this. Category of People Students - of schools/colleges etc. Job Seekers/ Part time workers Office Goers- can work in evening / night / and on Holidays. Housewife's- in their spare time Business People / Anyone- who needs extra money but has little time to spend eolii.com / eolii.biz Slide 10: eolii Package contents include :- One Own Domain (http://www.yourdomain.com/) 100 MB Web Space. Website Hosting. 10 Pages Design (Static Pages) Online Id & Password. Earning Program (6 types of Income) Free Training on Online Promotion & Internet marketing. Web Designing CD Free Online Support eolii.com / eolii.biz Slide 11: 1st type of income Own Site income Own site income by promoting your own Products like eBooks, Books, Promotional Literature, CD, Memberships. If person visiting your site purchases or shows interest in any particular product you earn a direct earning in your account either through Cash / Cheque / Demand Draft/ Paypal account. By selling AdSpace to advertisers. eolii.com / eolii.biz Slide 12: 2nd Type of income Referral income. Direct Referral Bonus Introduce a member and get Rs.1500/- as Direct Referral Bonus. . Group Development Bonus. Get Rs.1000/- as GDB income from members who join your team. The Bonus is paid in Cash. After every 5 members a Cash incentive of 1000 Rupees is payable in cash. eolii.com / eolii.biz Slide 13: For example. (When U refer 5 direct members) U Refers Directly A, B, C, D & E Gets 1. DRB - Rs.1500 * 5 = Rs. 7500/- 2. GDB – After 5 members = Rs. 1000/- (Cash) Total U’s referral income = Rs.8500/- eolii.com / eolii.biz Slide 14: 3rd type of income Site view income (CPM – Cost Per Thousand Impressions) From 3 companies you get ad banners to be placed on your site. These companies pay for impressions or Click, which your site generates. Ratio is 1000 impressions = Rs.5/- to Rs. 20/- For example you get 5 Rs per 1000 impressions. Suppose you receive a minimum of 10,000 impressions per day then 10 * 5 = 50 Rupees per day. 50 * 30 = 1500 Rs per month {This is just an indicative figure, You can more or less depending on quality and traffic of your website. } Eolii Members have to view 10 – 30 sites of their after logging into their members area their by increasing the Impressions on Site and making money. Type of Income - Revenue share. eolii.com / eolii.biz Slide 15: 4th type of income View Ads Income (PPC - Pay Per Click) Member have to promote his/her site and if anybody clicks on the advertisement on the your website you earn. The amount you earn through Pay Per Click Program is not pre-defined, but yes you earn a handsome amount depending on your site quality and traffic. For example you get 5 Rs per click. Suppose you receive a minimum of 30 clicks per day then 30 * 5 = 150 Rupees per day. 150 * 30 = 4500 Rs per month {This is just an indicative figure, You can more or less depending on quality and traffic of your website. } eolii.com / eolii.biz Slide 16: 5th Type of income Affiliate Program Income We will help you in becoming member of certain sites that offer their Affiliate program where they also offer CPM, CPC, CPA/CPL – Cost Per Action / Cost Per Lead. Here the amount is defined when a user sign up for a program like 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50 Rupees. This entirely depends which program you have joined. This is most dependable method till date to earn money. CPS – Cost Per sale, You as an affiliate earn some percentage when a sale is delivered from the affiliate links present on your site. eolii.com / eolii.biz Slide 17: 6th Type of income Repurchase Income (Services) Members can purchase/ pay for the services they use day to day in their life. Members earn from their referral purchase/ pay also. For example - Travels – Book tickets Online Bus Flights Cars Hotels – Book tickets online All major Hotels in India eolii.com / eolii.biz Slide 18: eolii.com / eolii.biz is a global web portal of Earnonline India that attracts unlimited visitors every day It is now providing a Business Opportunity to earn a huge income scheme that can CHANGE YOUR LIFE The Earning Opportunities are unlimited and in this process you can earn easily between 5000 – 15000 Rupees per month or more. So to sum up our package makes you eligible to earn money through internet and the earning opportunities include: - Own Site Income Referral Income for Life Site View Income (CPM) View Ads Income (PPC) Affiliate Program Income Repurchase Income Join Immediately!!! The Amounts that’s going to CHANGE YOUR LIFE is Just Rs.5000/- (Please note that there is No shortcut to earn money but a Sincere and Honest effort of yours will certainly help you make a generous amount of money.) eolii.com / eolii.biz

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