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Published on December 7, 2007

Author: gheyland

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Slide1:  equ!ty trad!ng partners bringing wall street back to main street. Why equ!ty trad!ng partners:  Why equ!ty trad!ng partners 100% dedication to the equities markets. We make NO money from commissions. We implement a “long-short” strategy. Our client’s goals are our goals. Our Goals::  Our Goals: Make money for our clients by buying and selling stocks. Control Risk. Make the accounts grow independent of market returns. Why implement a long-short strategy:  “Long-only” investors have a limited opportunity to control risk. The ability to be long (buy) the good stocks & industries, and to be short (sell short) the bad stocks & industries. To provide investment returns independent of overall market returns. Why implement a long-short strategy Why We Created equ!ty trad!ng partners:  To give investors a company that is 100% dedicated to the equities markets. The majority of “Stock brokers” have become “Financial Planners”, and thus are not committed to equity research and management. Brokerage firm research became tainted by underwriting considerations. Why We Created equ!ty trad!ng partners Typical Account Characteristics::  Number of holdings: up to 50 Position Size: 2.0% to 5.0% Minimum Account Size: $50,000 Cash Holdings: up to 100% Short Selling: up to 60% of portfolio Typical Account Characteristics: equ!ty trad!ng partners accounts:  equ!ty trad!ng partners accounts All accounts held at Scottrade. Account minimum $50,000 Clients receive daily market updates via e-mail. Accounts managed by Heyland Capital Management, L.L.C. equ!ty trad!ng partners is a service provided by Heyland Capital Management, L.L.C. Why Scottrade?:  Why Scottrade? To learn more..:  To learn more.. 210.858.5473 [email protected] Thank you.:  Thank you. Past returns have no predictive value and are no indication of future returns.  All portfolios have a measure of risk and can decrease in value and create a loss.  Reward and risk have been shown to correlate positively with each other.

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