Essential features to have in Your Jeep wrangler While Off-Road

Information about Essential features to have in Your Jeep wrangler While Off-Road

Published on August 7, 2014

Author: jhonsmith2345



PowerPoint Presentation: Essential features to have in Your Jeep wrangler While Off-Road Mcloughlin Jeep PowerPoint Presentation: Essential features of your Jeep wrangler are too making it for off-road. There are new drive trains, more comfortable appointments, and a pack of options that give it greater off-road prowess and its sizzling sibling- the high-performance, lap-of-luxury jeep wrangler is breathtaking. On-highway or off-road, the new Jeep wrangler Portland is an experience we completely enjoyed. It has lusty power, outstanding traction capabilities, steady handling, a comfortable and ultimately habitable interior, and whether you like the looks or not, in our opinion it’s the best new mid-size SUV in its class. Safety equipment includes traction and stability control, brake assist, front collision warning, blind spot monitoring, rear view camera, rain brake and hill start support, adaptive cruise control, security alarm and front and rear park assist all of these is more comfortable for off-road or it drive on the road. PowerPoint Presentation: There have some essential features or items of jeep wrangler that makes it perfect for off-road. 1. Water Fording 2. Maneuverability 3. Gloves 4. Shovel 5. Tree protector 6. Tire deflators 7. Ground clearance 8. Jack 9. D-Rings PowerPoint Presentation: Ground Anchor : - A winch is one of those items that are immense to have off-road for self recuperation or helping a friend out of a tight spot, but they aren’t much help at all when there is nothing to fastener on to. Winch : - A winch is the quintessential off-road tool. Whether you are doing a self recovery or help out a companion who picked the incorrect line, a winch is unrivaled when it comes to off-road recovery. Gloves : - Gloves are one of those items that most people don’t think of when heading out on the trails, but you’ll sure wish you had a pair the first time you pull winch line or rig an improvement fastening without them. PowerPoint Presentation: Shovel: - Whether a shovel keeps you from having to pull winch line or helps you stack a rock to get over the next obstacle, they are one of the most multi-functional and useful tools to have on the trail. Tire Deflators: - The benefits of airing down your tires when going off-road are many. From a more comfortable ride to the added traction you get from a superior tire foot-print, airing down is all but essential when hitting the trails. PowerPoint Presentation: 16800 SE McLoughlin Blvd. #103, Milwaukie, OR 97267 Sales: 866-702-6220 Parts: 866-550-2896 Service: 866-702-2856 Website: If you want to more information of new and used jeeps for sale please contacts us 866-702-6220 or visits our site.

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