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Published on August 15, 2019

Author: evolve_conference

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1. #evolve19 AUTHOR ONCE - DELIVER EVERYWHERE Amol Anand & Daniel Gordon August 06 - 2019

2. #evolve19 2 KEY TAKEAWAYS Authoring Scale creation and reuse of content Delivery Adjust to the needs of specific channels Hybrid CMS How to effectively manage omni-channel content

3. #evolve19 3 EXPLOSION OF DIGITAL CHANNELS Websit e Social Media Mobile Apps E-Mail Digital Signage Wearables IOT Challenges | How do I manage content for all these channels? How can I support all these different technologies?

4. #evolve19 4 Traditional CMS

5. #evolve19 5 Traditional CMS Headless CMS

6. #evolve19 6 Traditional CMS Headless CMS Delivery HTML for traditional web pages JSON for traditional web pages Editing In-Context of a Preview for tailoring the content to the layout Form-Based Interface for authoring large amount of content Content Unstructured for text, images, videos, etc. Structured for semantic content types Layout Defined by Author for template-based layouts Defined by Developer for dynamic layouts Architecture Single Application Stack for longer-living technologies Multiple Technologies for shorter-living technologies You will need both!


8. #evolve19 8 INDEPENDENT SYSTEMS Cause content silos

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