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Published on August 16, 2019

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1. #evolve19 ANATOMY OF A SOLID AEM IMPLEMENTATION Paul Legan, EVP, Technology Kristin Jones, Managing Partner August 2019

2. #evolve19 2 Meet Paul • He's an Executive VP of Technology at 3|SHARE • And he loves Tacos • He's currently living in Washington DC YOU'RE HERE, SO WE KNOW YOU'RE INVESTED SO LET'S GO ON A JOURNEY... NOT JUST HOW TO IMPLEMENT AEM BUT HOW TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF AEM And Kristin • She's a Managing Partner at 3|SHARE • And she loves to research and plan trips • She's currently living in London

3. #evolve19 4 ROADMAP TO SUCCESSFUL IMPLEMENTATIONS THIS IS NOT HOW TO RUN YOUR PROJECT THIS... THIS IS ABOUT INVESTING IN SUCCESS • Check out some great blogs on project management and running projects well: • https://www.teamgantt.com/guide-to-project-management/managing-projects • https://hubstaff.com/project_management • Invest in your team and give them the capacity to plan and analyze • Invest in your vision and give your company the vision, capacity and plan to iterate, mature and realize your goals • Invest in identifying and measuring your Key Performance Indicators • X number of visitors we want to convert by 10% growth • X number of conversions we want to convert by 15% growth • X number of hours manually creating and tracking users reduced by 25% • Hire a great implementation partner ;)

4. #evolve19 5 LET’S BEGIN

5. #evolve19 6 • They do a decent business selling packaged culinary trips to San Diego • They have invested in Adobe Experience Manager and want to update their user experience • They want to start their digital transformation journey and use insights and data to increase traffic to their site and increase bookings IN THE BEGINNING....PREPARE TACO FLIGHT HAS A VISION

6. #evolve19 7 • To move the needle, assumptions need to change to facts IN THE BEGINNING....PREPARE TACO FLIGHT HAS SOME BASIC INSIGHT AND MANY ASSUMPTIONS 0 20 40 60 80 100 MVP Release #2 Release #3 Release #4 Assumptions Per Release Assumptions Data Attriibutes

7. #evolve19 8 • There are 2 aspects to a successful implementation • The Technology • The User Journey • Parallel paths are key to implementing and iterating success, using the data we have • Project vs Product • Projects have a beginning and an end, products evolve from the start. Keep evolving. WHERE TO START… DAY 0… PREPARE MAKE A PLAN Install AEM Integrate Adobe Analytics & Target Build Templates & Components Configure Analytic Events Configure Templates with A/B Test Release MVP Enhance personalized offers Anonymous User Drive to Site from Advert Personalize Home Page Hero Per incoming Advert Recognize location and load offers Track offer events selected Personalize offers with best based on location & types Convert user on purchase of an offer Send offer 1 month later personalized to similar offers

8. #evolve19 9 DAY 0… PREPARE FIND YOUR CORE • If nothing else, what are the 1-2 tasks a user should be able to successfully perform on your website? • For each task, how does that align with a goal you have for the site? • Increased Revenue • Reduced Support Cost • Reduced Advertising Spend • A beautiful user experience is great, but it will do you no good if a user can't find it and for those who do, you don't know what they are doing on your site. Prioritize your MVP.

9. #evolve19 10 THE MVP BEGINS



12. #evolve19 13 DATA IN ACTION MOCKUP & DATA MODEL • Design decisions take existing site analytics into account • Identify the gap between data collected and data desired • Optimize against your priority goals • Consider performance impact from the start of a project • Determine a plan for experimentation

13. #evolve19 14 DAY 30 EVALUATE YOUR PROGRESS • Is the MVP on track? • Are you planning for your post MVP release? • Are you planning your content to personalize your MVP experience and get new data?

14. #evolve19 15 • Kristin wants to get some sun shine and Paul is craving tacos – San Diego comes to mind • Kristin gets online and starts searching for the best taco place in San Diego • She sees a paid advert on the side of the search results a package culinary trip to SD and clicks on it MEANWHILE.... PAUL AND KRISTIN HAVE BEEN TALKING Assumptions to Target + Sunshine in Winter + Search Engine Result Page Referral + Paid Search Targeting + Consumer 3rd-Party Data Metrics

15. #evolve19 16 LAUNCH DAY MVP GOES LIVE • Include Analytics from Day #1 • Implement a scalable data layer to capture user behavior • Build with content variation in mind • Fragments • Flexibility • Framework

16. #evolve19 17 POST MVP LAUNCH DAY 1 TRACK YOUR USER'S JOURNEY • Celebrate, but not too hard, there's still work to do! • You can immediately start to monitor how users interact with your site… • Analytics Events • What are the gaps? • What other user journey planning should be happening • Revisit and Debate your non MVP requirements • Prioritize again into the next release • Iterate, invest and measure, release by release.

17. #evolve19 18 ANALYZE, PLAN, PRIORITIZE

18. #evolve19 19 DATA IN ACTION KRISTIN AND PAUL WANT TACOS • Kristin has come back to the site twice in the last 24 hours – once on her phone and once on her laptop • Paul, too, can’t stop thinking about tacos, and frequently checks to see the taco shops listed on the Taco Crawl sub-page via his browser’s history autocomplete Data Collected + Repeat Visitor + Multiple Devices + Specific Interest Page Funnel

19. #evolve19 20 POST MVP DAY 30 TEST YOUR NEW INSIGHTS • Initiate Adobe Target A/B & Experience Test • Dependency: Content variations (copy, assets) by the creative team • Dependency: Set of concrete experiments that align with business goals • Consider the length of the tests vs. statistical significance • The stakeholders all have report views to track progress ahead of each update call


21. #evolve19 22 DATA IN ACTION KRISTIN AND PAUL WANT TACOS • Kristin checks availability twice on a Monday after a long day • Paul sees several friends travel pictures on Facebook and checks availability after seeing the beach- centric content variation Data Collected + Day of the Week Pattern + Referring Website + Experience Target Visit

22. #evolve19 23 ANTICIPATE BEHAVIOR “JUST TAKE ME TO THE TACOS ALREADY” • If users consistently want to see tacos first, show them tacos first • Utilize analytics funnel data to drive content position • Adapt existing data layer if this information is not available already

23. #evolve19 24 SIMPLIFY REDUCE VISITOR FRICTION ALONG CORE PATHS Data-Driven Defaults & Profile-Based Preferences

24. #evolve19 25 PERSONALIZED EXPERIENCE MORE DATA = MORE EXPERIMENTATION • Geolocation to know why someone might want to get away • Specific copy based on the interests of the visitor if they’ve been here or to a partner site • Tailored imagery based on previous visits

25. #evolve19 26 DATA IN ACTION KRISTIN AND PAUL WANT TACOS • Kristin arrives on the site and based on her IP address the site loads packages to San Diego with the latest flight deals from London • The copy has been personalized based on her location as well. • She’s ready to book. Data Collected + Geolocation + Experience Target Visit + Conversion Path

26. #evolve19 27 POST MVP DAY 60 DATA ANALYSIS & FEATURE RELEASE Parallel technology vs user journey paths continue to more success The Technology • Service Pack installed to enable additional Sensei features • Additional components configured for Target • Adobe Campaign enabled The User Journey • Real data and analytics coming in • Base line KPIs (key performance indicators) measured against site traffic, growth, conversions bookings

27. #evolve19 28 DYNAMIC CONTENT INTEGRATE WITH THIRD-PARTY DATA TO DISPLAY RELEVANT INFORMATION • Utilize AEM (or a third- party) to display dynamic content based on any number of factors • Complements personalized content and provides another method of testing

28. #evolve19 29 DATA IN ACTION KRISTIN AND PAUL WANT TACOS • Paul sees a recent review by someone in Washington, D.C. • After checking availability one last time for the dates he and Kristin have planned, he is also ready to book. Data Collected + Dynamic Data (Review ID) + Repeat Visitor + Conversion Path

29. #evolve19 30 LET YOUR USERS HELP OTHER USERS USERS ARE GREAT AT SHARING INFORMATION TO INFORM OTHERS • Let your users advocate for your site and services • Gather data on which photos users like most; reach out for usage elsewhere • Utilize workflows to moderate everything before it goes live • Experiment with the prominence of user generated content

30. #evolve19 31 DATA IN ACTION KRISTIN AND PAUL WANT TACOS • Kristin and Paul both enter an email campaign contents to tag themselves in a picture with #tacos4ever • Both Instagram images are pulled into a moderated workflow and approved to appear on the website. • After their images go live, Kristin receives an automated email asking for a review of the experience. Data Collected + Email Campaign + Social Media Engagement + Dynamic Data Capture


32. #evolve19 THANK YOU!

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