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Published on December 19, 2009

Author: rajggn

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EXIDE POWERCENTERHARYANA NO 1 : EXIDE POWERCENTERHARYANA NO 1 JAI BHARAT DISTRIBUTOR OPP PAYAL CINEMA OLD DELHI GGN ROAD SEC 14 GURGAON 9811167605,01244083783 AUTH DISTRIBUTOR : AUTH DISTRIBUTOR EXIDE HOME AND INDUSTRIAL MICROTEK INVERTER AND ONLINE UPS M- 9811167605 Exide battery : Exide battery Inverter battery Car battery Ups battery Genset battery Traction battery 2 volt cell Lift battery We can provide you battery whatever your ever is your need. Inverter : Inverter High capacity inverter - Digital and sinewave 1. 3 kva 2. 5 kva 3.10 kva Home use inverter –Digital and Sinewave 1) 625 va sinewave and Digital 2) 875 va sinewave and Digital 3) 1550 va sinewave and Digital Ups : Ups 1 Online Ups 2.Offline Ups All type of ups available Contact us : Contact us Jai bharat distributors Opp payal cinema Old delhi ggn road Gurgaon 9811167605 01244083783 www.jaibharatdistributors.com

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exide battery gurgaon dealer
19. 12. 2009

exide battery gurgaon dealer