Exploiting 4G mobile co-operation.

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Published on March 9, 2014

Author: seema.sunil77

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Exploiting 4G mobile co-operation for energy conservation: Challenges and Opportunities.: Year:2013 Volume:20 Issue:5 Pages:62-67 Authors: Bechir Hamdaoui , Tamara Alishammari , Mohsen Guizani . Exploiting 4G mobile co-operation for energy conservation: Challenges and Opportunities. Contents: Contents Relevance How can energy co-operation help? Problems Incentive Mechanisms Enforcement Mechanisms Looking Forward- Concerns Relevance – Why this paper? : Relevance – Why this paper? Increasing 4G users Increasing applications and functions Battery life – A bottleneck for performance How does energy co-operation work?: How does energy co-operation work? Relaying nodes Total energy consumed Relative battery power Challenges: User Willingness: Challenges: User Willingness No immediate benefit Security and privacy concerns Resource Limitation Selfish Users Incentive Mechanisms: Incentive Mechanisms Cost paid by source node Cost paid by destination node Clearance Centre Enforcement Mechanisms- First hand reputation: Enforcement Mechanisms- First hand reputation Reputation Value – Incremented and Decremented Identify selfish nodes Penalize selfish nodes Only neighboring nodes Enforcement Mechanisms- Second hand reputation: Enforcement Mechanisms- Second hand reputation Reports misbehavior to other nodes Alarm table, trust table and friend list Computationally expensive Looking Forward- Concerns : Looking Forward- Concerns Security and privacy Cost of co-operation Reliable virtual currency Information : Information Name- Vaishnav Sunil Matriculation Number: U1020598J

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