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Published on October 8, 2008

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Slide 1: Changing Perceptions – National Branding ‘Implications for Strategy’- The Ingredients of a Successful Branding Strategy within the context of a National Branding Strategy -Bucharest, June 16, 2006Mathew John – Head [Corporate Banking & Structured Finance] EXIM BANK – INTERNATIONAL RATING : EXIM BANK – INTERNATIONAL RATING BBB+ Standard & Poor Constrained by Country Rating Slide 3: A SUCCESSFUL NATIONAL BRANDING INITIATIVE EXIM BANK MY ‘Ten steps’ to a successful national branding initiative For India EXIM BANK – LOCAL RATING : EXIM BANK – LOCAL RATING AAA Standard & Poor JV in India Slide 5: INGREDIENTS OF NATIONAL EXPORT STRATEGY Slide 6: INDIA FAST FORWARD Slide 7: STEP ONE EXIM BANK Create a national structure – giving it a legal status where it is felt required Slide 8: NATIONAL EXPORT STRATEGY A NATIONAL STRUCTURE EXIM BANK PMO Ministry Reps Industry Reps Export Promotion Councils State Govt Reps Worker Reps These Members would form a Board to Champion the common cause of the National Export Strategy Slide 9: NATION BRANDING THE THREE DIMENSIONS EXIM BANK National Export strategy Domestic Market Global Markets Global Business Environment Slide 10: STEP TWO EXIM BANK INTERNAL MAPPING Slide 11: INTERNAL MAPPING EXIM BANK Slide 12: STEP THREE EXIM BANK EXTERNAL MAPPING Slide 13: EXTERNAL MAPPING EXIM BANK Slide 14: STEP FOUR EXIM BANK Long Term Mission Statement Slide 15: LONG TERM MISSION STATEMENT EXIM BANK Member of G 10 Economic Super Power 20 years Brand Value US$ Bn 290 1000 Brand Image Global Leader in IT & ITES Global Leader in Biotechnology Fair labour practices Protector of environment Equal opportunity for women Most preferred tourist destination Slide 16: STEP FIVE EXIM BANK Define Strategic Objectives Slide 17: DEFINE STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES EXIM BANK 20 years Brand Value US$ Bn 290 1000 5 years 10 years 15 years Short Term Goals Medium Term Goals Long Term Goals DEFINE STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES : DEFINE STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES EXIM BANK Short Term Goals Medium Term Goals Long Term Goals Slide 19: STEP SIX EXIM BANK Debate on: Scope of the National Branding Strategy; National, Sectoral or Enterprise Level Targeting the Brand: Global, Regional or Local Consultative process amongst all stakeholders Slide 20: SCOPE: NATIONAL-SECTORAL-ENTERPRISE LEVEL EXIM BANK What do we have on offer at the: National Level: A big market opportunity Culture & Heritage Tourism Investment Opportunities – FDI [Significant cost arbitrage] Sourcing Investment – ODI Sectoral Level: Computer Software & Information Technology [earning US$ 27 billion] Business Process Outsourcing Textile sector Diamond Processing Pharmaceuticals Automobile Components Enterprise Level Infosys Technologies Wipro Systems Vedanta Limited Lakshmi Steel GHCL Limited CAUTION: OFFERS ONLY BASED ON HARD FACTS Slide 21: SCOPE: NATIONAL-SECTORAL-ENTERPRISE LEVEL EXIM BANK CONSENSUS: Hey! We have a good story going – GO NATIONAL Slide 22: TARGETTING THE BRAND: GLOBAL – REGIONAL - LOCAL EXIM BANK What have we been doing till now: Global Level: Exporting to North America [Single largest market for Indian Products & Services] & EU [Single largest trade block for Indian Products & Services] Large global majors from North America, EU, Japan have invested and are present in India Indian Companies are investing in North America and , Europe Global recognition of India’s computer software capabilities Regional Level: Exporting Indian products & services to Asia, Far East & ANZ [product & service groups are different] Investing in Asia, Far East & Asia-Pacific [albeit in a relatively smaller proportion] Local Level Large domestic market Exports is a small proportion of total Indian market size Low dependence on overseas markets CAUTION: ASSESSMENT BASED ON HARD FACTS Slide 23: SCOPE: NATIONAL-SECTORAL-ENTERPRISE LEVEL EXIM BANK CONSENSUS: Hey! We already have a relatively good global presence & brand equity GO GLOBAL Slide 24: STEP SEVEN EXIM BANK Draw Blue Print of National Branding Strategy… Slide 25: NATIONAL BRANDING STRATEGY - DRAWING UP A BLUEPRINT - EXIM BANK Launch an Umbrella India Brand painting the canvas with: A rich cultural heritage A unique tourist destination A land filled with vibrant, intelligent & creative people A land of Buddha & Mahatma Gandhi A country with immense opportunity A land where English is the spoken language when doing business A land with immense natural resources …and so on Launch Sub Brands around the Umbrella India Brand which could include: Computer Software & Information Technology Business Process Outsourcing Textile sector Diamond Processing Pharmaceuticals Automobile Components Specific tourist destinations [Gods own country, Goa, Rajasthan, Taj] Specific investment destinations [Bangalore, Hyderabad, Gurgaon] BUILD THE BRAND ON DEFINITIVE STRENGTHS Slide 26: State of the art facilities Computer Software Textiles God’s Own Country NATIONAL BRANDING STRATEGY - A MODULAR APPROACH - Slide 27: NATIONAL BRANDING STRATEGY - DRAWING UP A BLUEPRINT - EXIM BANK Other Aspects to be addressed: Product differentiation / Competitive advantage B to B vs B to C IP Audit - & the protection measures Basmati Rice Neem Turmeric Darjeeling Tea Spices Other plant varieties Ayurvedic preparations Quality standards Infrastructure Building [clear time bound programme] Managing the Brand [Threshold quality requirements necessary??] Moving up the value chain Building new value chains Manufacturing / Supply side capabilities Slide 28: STEP EIGHT EXIM BANK Role Assignment Slide 29: ROLE ASSIGNMENT EXIM BANK Appoint Brand Managers for the Umbrella India Brand [Should be powerful entity] Appoint Brand Managers for every stakeholder / each sub brand Give Brand Managers a sense of ownership Assign Brand Managers – KRAs [Key Result Areas] Predefined deliverables and corresponding time frames Slide 30: STEP NINE EXIM BANK Execution & Implementation of the National Branding Strategy Slide 31: EXECUTION & IMPLEMENTATION EXIM BANK Seek Brand Ambassadors who will speak for India [for their own interest] Microsoft / Intel / IBM General Motors / Honda / Suzuki / Mercedez GE / Siemens / ABB Pfizer / Bayer / Novartis Government to forge Strategic Alliances with Trade Blocks Reorient the big network of Indian foreign missions overseas to shift from Political Diplomacy to Economic Diplomacy Appoint a reputed professional having an international perspective to handle the nation branding campaign and communication India’s Face to the Global Market – Competent / Diplomatic / Media Savvy Government to protect the business interests at various global trade & investment fora – if required use international reputed professionals Slide 32: STEP TEN EXIM BANK Mechanism for review and performance measurement Slide 33: THANK YOU Website: www.eximbankindia.in Email: [email protected] EXIM BANK Slide 34: SCOPE OF BRANDING STRATEGY EXIM BANK Should the branding strategy have a national, a sectoral or enterprise focus? Which comes first/ what is the value of each Slide 35: BRANDING NOT ENOUGH TO BUILD CREDIBILITY EXIM BANK What else should the country do to ensure that maximum impact on export development is achieved? In other words, what must precede, accompany and follow branding strategy? Slide 36: TARGETING THE BRAND EXIM BANK How should the brand be targeted? Globally Regionally? Locally? What are the different approaches? Slide 37: ROLE PLAYING IN BRANDING STRATEGY EXIM BANK Who does what in a branding strategy? Who leads? Who should be involved? Why? Who implements?

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