Extreme Bikini - Different Than a Micro Bikini

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Published on September 18, 2012

Author: poullier

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PowerPoint Presentation: Extreme Bikini - Different Than a Micro Bikini Have you heard about the extreme bikini? You'll find that this bikini is different than a micro bikini. It is a minimal look that is daring and provocative. What's the difference between the extreme style and the micro bikini? Well, if you can believe it, you'll actually find that the micro bikini covers a bit more than an extreme one. This style of bikini is meant to be shocking. Although you could probably actually go swimming in a micro bikini, you probably won't be able to when you don an extreme design. Hello Bridals Reviews HelloBridals.com Review HelloBridals.com Reviews PowerPoint Presentation: There are many different styles of extreme bikinis out there to consider. There are so many different details that can make these bikinis just a bit different. When you are ready to purchase one of your own, there are several different styles of bottoms that you can choose from. First, you have the arouser, which has a special heart pendant in gold that keeps your privates from being seen. Another option for the bottom is known as the c-string. This has three little strips that have a little space between them so you can let a bit of flesh shine through. Then, you have the dare bottom, which covers a bit more with black lace. You'll also find that there are different types of tops available when you try to find an extreme bikini. If you are considering one of these bathing swimsuits, you need to realize that these tops really offer very little coverage, if any at all. Many of them just have string on top, which means you are showing off everything on top. More than likely, you'll have to be at a private party or at a nude beach to be able to wear these swimsuits. So, if you thought the micro bikini was a sexy swimsuit, you may like the extreme styles even more. They allow you to go a bit further, showing off your body with confidence.

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