extreme microorganisms

Information about extreme microorganisms

Published on January 13, 2009

Author: 20061986

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EXTREMe mIcroorganIsms : EXTREMe mIcroorganIsms :  WHAT ARE THEY ? TYPES OF EXTHREMOPHILES THERMOPHILES BIOTECHNOLOGICAL USES They adapted to life at extreme condiditons : They adapted to life at extreme condiditons HIGH-LOW TEMPERATURE EXTREME PH LEVEL VERY HIGH SALT LEVEL HIGH PRESSURE :  1)Psychrophiles: microbes in cold habitats 2)Thermophiles: very hot environments 3)Alkaliphiles: basic conditions like soda lakes 4)Halophiles: very salty environments 5)Acidophiles: acidic environments THERMOPHILES : THERMOPHILES Bacteri and archaea live in hot springs heated by geothermal reactions deep in the earth. SOURCE FOR PCR PROCESS : SOURCE FOR PCR PROCESS DNA polymerase enzyme in thermophiles is very sutiable for Polymerase Chain Reaction. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION : THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION

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