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Published on July 17, 2014

Author: jerilynwoods

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Factoring Service: Factoring Service What is Factoring???: What is Factoring??? Factoring is a transaction which allows a business to access financing by disposing its or accounts receivables or invoices. Factoring also called a account receivable financing. Factoring Process: Factoring Process You perform service for your consumer You send your account receivable to factoring company You receive a advance cash on your invoice from factoring companies Factoring company collect a payment from your consumer Company Pays you rest of the amount Factoring Benefits: Factoring Benefits Increase cash flow No need to make any repayment No interest charges Full control on business financial situation Free from tension Factoring Charges: Factoring Charges Service Charges - Collection charges, maintenance charges and other advisory charges. Finance Charges – Invoices approved payment. Factoring Companies: Factoring Companies Factoring companies help to solve your business financial problems and provide you asset based loan to solve business economy problem. Capital fund solution is one of the factoring company that provide you financial solution . Contact Us: Contact Us Capital Funding Solutions, Inc. 2021 Tyler Street, Suite 208 Hollywood, FL 33020 PH : (877) 545-1311 Website- http://www.cfsfunds.com/

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