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Published on August 1, 2014

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: Understanding the difference between the Fast Pitch & Slow Pitch Softball PowerPoint Presentation: Softball can be called as a variation of baseball, which is simply enjoyed by people of different age groups. It simply features a majority of fundamental basics and rules, which are applied for the baseball that are being played by softer, heavier and larger balls. For a majority of people, the softball is a sport, which they play at their company outing or casually with their friends. A number of casual softball sports enthusiasts simply do not realize that there are variations found in this game, which comes in the form of fast pitch, slow pitch and the third one comes in the form of modified pitch. Let’s understand the way the two differ to each other before you think of checking the fast pitch softball bat reviews for buying it online . Bunting: - Next difference between the two comes in the form of bunting. The fast pitch softball simply allow the players to hold their bat all around the strike zone, which allow the ball to be hit without actually applying any force to swing (this is usually called as bunting). This is generally carried out as a sacrifice play, which means it simply advance the base runner coming from the first to the second and then to at the said cost of an out, whereas in Slow pitch you would hardly find any bunting option. PowerPoint Presentation: Pitching: - The basic difference found in the two comes in the form pitching. In the fast pitch softball, the player simply winds his/her arm by spinning it around (the motion similar to the windmill) before he or she releases the ball underarm. With this motion, the player helps in getting the momentum, which allows boosting up the speed against the ball coming to him or her. The Fast pitch balls are usually thrown at the upper side angle, which can even exceed the pace of around 50 to 60 miles per hour. However, in the slow pitch softball, the ball is simply thrown without having the windmill kind of motions, which is generally associated with the fast pitch. The pitcher simply steps ahead and tosses the ball underarm. As there is no windup found in the slow pitch software, while the balls are then thrown at a very slow pace. PowerPoint Presentation: Length and weigh: - Next difference comes in the form of length and weight. One of the most common lengths found in fast pitch softball dwells in between 32 to 34 inches and these are usually weight less than the slow pitch bats that come to around 23 to 28 ounces. As per the experts, the bats that are lighter or the best slow pitch softball bats can produce far better bat speed, which often turns out to be the key in producing power in this sport. However, the slow pitch length generally dwells in between 33 to 34 inches long and the most popular weight option comes in the form of 28 ounces. Earlier in the 70’s and 80’s these bats were manufactured heavier in weight. Generally you can find more reaction time found in the slow pitch game; hence the weight of your bat comes out to be less. For getting good deals on softball gloves and bats, visit the site -

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