Information about FDOT PROJECT

Published on September 6, 2007

Author: stubloomfield

Source: authorstream.com


FDOT PROJECT# E4H71SR 869 SEGMENTAL BRIDGE AT I-75Weston, FL:  FDOT PROJECT# E4H71 SR 869 SEGMENTAL BRIDGE AT I-75 Weston, FL JANUARY 2006 E-BOND 526 OVERLAY APPLIED BY LANFORD BROTHERS CO. Surface Preparation & Pull Test:  Surface Preparation andamp; Pull Test Application Of Fortress 4020 LPL/Kevlar Carbon Fiber on Joints:  Application Of Fortress 4020 LPL/ Kevlar Carbon Fiber on Joints E-Bond 526 Mixing Station:  E-Bond 526 Mixing Station 20 Gallon Mix: Equal amounts from drums into 5 gallon pails transferred to 35 gallon mixing container Application of 526 Overlay:  Application of 526 Overlay Viscosity provides good flow properties reducing run off of 1 1/4' – 1 1/2' pitch per lineal foot to a minimum Broadcasting EP5 Modified Aggregate:  Broadcasting EP5 Modified Aggregate Slide7:  Slide8:  VARIOUS OVERLAY EPOXY MIXING TECHNIQUES:  VARIOUS OVERLAY EPOXY MIXING TECHNIQUES 20 Gallon Mix: Pour equal amounts from drums into 5 gallon pail, transfer to 35 gallon mixing container 20-24 Gallon Mix: Pour equal amounts from drums directly into graduated 35 gallon mixing container 5 Gallon Mix: Epoxy mixed in 5 gallon pails. Very time consuming and labor intensive RECOMMENDED MIXING AND APPLICATING TOOLS:  RECOMMENDED MIXING AND APPLICATING TOOLS 35 Gallon plastic mixing container Wheeled dolly for mixing container Mixing Paddle- drywall mud mixer 18' straight squeegee Dynamometer Jig to perform pull tests

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