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Published on March 12, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: Female Genetic Hair Loss Solutions Causes of Hair Loss in Women: Alopecia Areata (AA): Also known as spot baldness, AA is a hereditary condition where the body’s immune system attacks its own hair follicles. Congenital Hypotrichosis: Unlike alopecia, congenital hypotrichosis is when there has never been any hair growth in a certain area since birth. Psoriasis: An immune mediated skin disease, psoriasis is characterized by plaques, red patches and itchy scales on the skin. Thyroid Disorder: H air loss is a common side effect of a thyroid condition, as your body is redirecting energy from your head to other areas of your body. Menopause: Hormonal changes in a woman’s body can cause irreversible hair loss. Causes of Hair Loss in Women The Solution : The Solution Hair systems by Invisible Hair offers comprehensive solutions to every individual’s hair restoration needs. From hair grafting , to medical wigs to Invisible Hair Integration (U.S. patent #6688315) and Invisible Hair Web systems, each restoration service provided by Invisible Hair is catered to your lifestyle and goals. Learn more about the benefits of our services in the next few slides. Premium Hair: Premium Hair All Invisible Hair systems start with 100% premium human hair . Our selection of hair will match your style and budget: Italian Hair Remi (Remy) Cuticle Hair Indian PremiumHair European Cuticle Hair Russian Virgin Hair Seamless Blending : Seamless Blending Unlike conventional extensions or wigs, Invisible Hair solutions offer complete seamless blending. Those opting for our hair grafting, web or integration services will find that we do not use hooks, velcro, braiding, wax or any other conventional methods of attachment. Instead hair lies flat to the scalp making it comfortable for sleeping, showering and other activities. Our C ranial Prosthesis medical w igs and fine wigs are made from ultra thin contoured material that is made to fit your head. Ultra-thin cap used for Invisible Hair Integration method. Custom Created: Custom Created Personalized hair solutions for women. All Invisible Hair solutions are custom tailored to your needs. Whether you’re looking for a long term solution or a short change of style, we are here to make your dreams come true. Choose your own: Size, thickness, length Color Wave Texture Hair quality Hair Freedom: Hair Freedom Invisible Hair wigs and attachments mimic natural hair movement and abilities. With these hair solutions, you can sleep, shower and perform rigorous exercises in them. You can even brush and part your hair in any direction or fashion, just like you would with your own hair. Natural Volume and Color: Natural Volume and Color Hair solution that mimics natural color and style of individual. All Invisible Hair solutions are designed to match your natural color and volume. Our specialists will work with you to match your color gradient, cut, texture and length . Best of all, you can blow dry, curl and style your hair anyway you like! Reusable : Reusable Clients who choose our hair grafting, hair web or integration services will discover that their hair additions are reusable for multiple attachments . These attachments can be worn 5-8 weeks at a time. It’s suggested that you purchase 2 systems and alternate wearing them throughout a one year period. Those choosing our medical and fine wigs will find that with proper care they will last even longer than our attachment options. You, Only Better….: You, Only Better…. The perfect reusable, affordable, customizable hair restoration system is available to you when you need it. Experience freedom and confidence again with Invisible Hair. Contact us for a free consultation today! Tel: (760) 727-9970 Site: www.invisiblehair.com PowerPoint Presentation: Image Attributions Slide 1: Image “ 53810326” courtesy of shutterstock.com & “1265646” courtesy of SXC.hu. Slide 2: Image Before and After courtesy of invisiblehair.com. Slide 3: Image “1020008” & “1265646” courtesy of SXC.hu. Slide 4: Image “32923105” courtesy of shutterstock.com & 1265646 courtesy of SXC.hu. Slide 5: Image Before and After courtesy of invisiblehair.com & “1265646” courtesy of SXC.hu. Slide 6: Image “11704992” & “1265646” courtesy of SXC.hu. Slide 7: Image “303426” & “1265646” courtesy of SXC.hu. Slide 8: Image “436721”, “298716” & “1265646” courtesy of SXC.hu. Slide 9: Image “451978” & “1265646 courtesy of SXC.hu. Slide 10: Image “1020005” courtesy of SXC.hu Slide 11: Image “1265646” courtesy of SXC.hu.

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