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Published on August 1, 2014

Author: MaxWinters

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Female Role Models: Female Role Models Devin Kelly Kaley Smith Max Winters Problem ID: Problem ID There are not a sufficient amount of women in the science field for girls in school to look up to and get help from. Unit 3 “Never Meant To Survive” by Aimee Sands Unit 3 “Walking a Tightrope” by Marta L. Wayne Background Research: Background Research Reviewed articles in the course materials. Researched outside articles- “Mentors and Role Models for Women in Academic Medicine” by W. Levinson, K. Kaufman, B Clark, and S. W. Tolle Effects of Women Science C areer Role Models on Early Adolescents’ Attitudes Towards S cientists and Women in Science” by Walter S. Smith and Thomas Owen Erb “The Relationship of Role Model Influences to The Career Salience and Educational and Career Plans of College Women” by Gail Hackett Data Compilation: Data Compilation Survey to Middle School Students to learn more about what students of this age are interested in and how that relates to the teachers teaching the classes. Interviewed College age students to see if their school field of study choice was influenced by a role model. Data : Data Data: Data Data: Data Interview : Interview Surveys were given one college level females in STEM majors. Questions asked: What is your major? Did you have anyone who you looked up to that led you to choose your major? Man or Woman? If yes, did this make the decision easier? If no, do you think it would have been different if you had a strong female role model to look up to? Facebook Page: Facebook Page This page is a way to reach out to girls of all ages who are interested in STEM fields. We have posted articles, videos, and interviews of women who have been successful in the field as well as college students who are just starting out. Page Results: Page Results 30 likes in the first few days Young women asked a few questions which we were able to answer. Had older women who are in STEM fields to post on the page. Conclusion: Conclusion The data that we compiled was not as strong as what we had originally thought it would be. Still saw slight tendencies so we wanted to continue with implementation. Overall we met the original goals of the project which was creating a resource for women to connect with others in STEM fields to close the existing gap between the two.

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