Few Words, Mass Effect. Travel writings and destination image. The case of Venice

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Published on June 13, 2016

Author: FedericaMontaguti

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1. Istanbul, 5th June 2014 Travel writings and destination image. The case of Venice FEW WORDS, MASS EFFECT Federica Montaguti , Sabrina Meneghello - CISET

2. The context Interrelation cultural production/tourism→impact on the destination image how much are they influencing the tourists’ perception? Morgan, 2000; Echtner&Ritchies, 1991, 93; Crang, 2003, Urry&Sheller, 2004; …)

3. Methodology 480 “texts” Organic/induced 1820-2010 70 “texts” Organic/induced Semiotic analisys Focus Groups Online Survey Popularity  bestselling (amazon.com)  n. fo copies  box office RESULTSRESULTS Pike, 2002; Grtner, 2003; Ryan&Cave, 2005; Trvlou, 2005; Smith, 2008; Robinson&Andersen, 2004; Echtner; Dann, 2003, etc.

4. Popularity US tourists in Venice. Novels related to Venice they read. 2012 Source: CISET, online survey, 2012 6 titles in the top 24 (amazon.com) 1 or more title in the top 40 (amazon.com)

5. POPULARITY Source: CISET US tourists in Venice. Films related to Venice they read. ALL TOP TITLES AT THE AMERICAN BOX OFFICE

6. Travel writings TOURIST IMAGE=ORGANIC IMAGE EVERY TEXT CAN BE CONSIDERED A TRAVEL WRITING Tourists as main characters The gaze on the city is a tourist gaze Expatriates vacationscap es Overlappings Ghose, 1999; Crang&Travlou, 2009; Von Martels, 1994; Antelmi, 2010; Thompson, 2011

7. The “popular” travel writingVenice Cfr: Mahler, 1999; Ghose, 1999; Urry, 2004; Perosa, 1999

8. The image Source: CISET, online survery, 2012 US Tourist. Statements about the city of Venice they agree with

9. Literature topoi→tourism topoi ATwitterStorm @Frommers an #improbable cityscape of stone palaces that seem to #float on water @Leon moral #decline behind respectable façades @Jong Venice, that #chimera, that city of #illusions where reality becomes fantasy and fantasy becomes reality @Steves After Venice, with its #mysterious and #feminine charms @Brown had somehow #RisenOutoftheSea to become the largest and richest empire in the west @TimeOut #improbably waterlogged and persistently #picturesque @Steves atmosphere of elegant #decay... a #fantasy world…

10. Cfr: Gruesz, 2006; Horden&Purcell, 2000; Gore, 1992 A persistent image (I)

11. Venice Nostalgia Tourism as “commodity” Return of the “Dolce vita” Relationship with East ‘50s revival A persistent image (II) Cfr:Sandip, 2012; Nurthami, 2013; Barbour, 2012; Pfister, 1999

12. From a DM point of view Guidebooks, guidebooks New opportunities Approaching the market Creative industry role Understanding reputation

13. Next steps Age, class differences Second wave of the survey New focus group Comparing Test on a different market Test on less known destinations Other sources Games Fanfiction, social media EvolutionDiachronic Narrative reception process WHAT ABOUT US?

14. A “hot” topic

15. [email protected] Thank you! www.unive.it/ciset @ilCISET @F07Montaguti Master in Economia e Gestione del Turismo

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