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Published on July 10, 2014

Author: hilarybtoro



MeET Mrs. Toro: MeET Mrs. Toro Young 5’s (K4)- 2 nd grade teacher Mrs Toro: Mrs Toro I am beginning my 11 th year of teaching this year! I have taught everywhere from Kindergarten-2 nd grade. I love working with the lower el. age group because they are so excited to learn new things. I recently took up a new hobby! I am (attempting) to become a runner. Last summer, I ran in 8 5K’s. It was so much fun! I also love technology! I love learning about new apps and trying them out. It is so exciting and the presentation is so much fun! My family: My family I have an amazing husband, 3 beautiful children, and 2 cute little puppies at home. Mr. Toro and I have been married for 12 years. Here we are on a trip we took this summer while visiting Greenville, South Carolina. Kerstin: Kerstin Kerstin is our oldest daughter. She Is 18 years old and is starting her 1 st year of college this year! She is attending Eastern Michigan University and is living on campus! Kerstin is planning to go into Secondary education. She wants to teach high-school, but has not yet figured out what subjects she wants to teach. Connor: Connor Connor is 8 years old and is entering 3 rd grade. He is very easy going and LOVES nature and the outdoors. Connor is the hunter in our family and has gone on a wild turkey hunt this past spring with his grandpa. Connor loves all sports and has played baseball and basketball for his school, and loves to play soccer with his friends. Avery: Avery Avery is 6 years old and is getting ready to start 1 st grade. She loves to read and learn new things. Avery enjoys cheerleading. Her cheer team won the state championship in Michigan last year, and took 2 nd place in the spring championship. She also enjoys gymnastics, tumbling, t-ball, and anything outdoors! Our puppies: Our puppies Jasper Jasper is a 3 year old pug. He is mellow and just likes sitting on your lap and getting his belly rubbed. His nose is smooshed in, so when he breathes, he sounds like he is snoring. I think it is SO cute (but it drives Mr. Toro a little crazy).  Emmett Emmett is the baby of the family. He is a 10 month old black lab who truly is a little crazy. He is very lovable, but likes to jump and play rough with everyone he meets-especially Jasper.

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