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Published on August 7, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: Supervisor: Dr.Gholamreza Mahdavinia Advisor: Dr.Mehdi Esrafili Presented by: M.Sc , Ebrahim Shokri June 2014 In the name of God Adsorbent from modified polyacrylonitrile PowerPoint Presentation: Contents: 1: Introduction 2: Methods of modifying the PAN 3: Conclusion 4 : References 2 PowerPoint Presentation: Introduction Synthetic Semi crystalline organic Linear formula (C 3 H 3 N) n Thermoplastic Copolymerization 3 PowerPoint Presentation: Introduction PAN is first thermally oxidized in air at 230 degrees to form an oxidized. PAN fiber and then carbonized above 1000 degrees in inert atmosphere to make carbon fibers found in plenty of both high-tech and common daily applications such as civil and military aircraft primary and secondary structures, missiles, solid propellant rocket motors, pressure vessels 4 PowerPoint Presentation: Synthesis of polyacrylonitrile free radical All commercial methods include Anionic 5 PowerPoint Presentation: Applications of polyacrylonitrile Homopolymer Hot gas filtration systems Awnings Sails for yachts Fiber-reinforced concrete 6 PowerPoint Presentation: Applications of polyacrylonitrile Copolymers Fibers to make knitted Plastics Absorber metal ions Carbon fiber Nanofibers Hydrogels Membrane Water treatment Enzyme immobilization Hemodialysis 7 PowerPoint Presentation: Applications of polyacrylonitrile Hydrogels : network of polymer chains that are hydrophilic Membranes: 1. Chemical nature 2. Micro-crystalline structure 3. Bands of molecular 4. Separation system 5. Selectivity 8 PowerPoint Presentation: Modifications and Developments 9 PowerPoint Presentation: S urface Modification of PAN Grafting on the PAN 1. grafting-to 2. grafting-from 10 PowerPoint Presentation: Methods of grafting: 1. Surface modifications by plasma treatment 11 PowerPoint Presentation: Methods of grafting: 2. Surface modification by photo-induced grafting 12 PowerPoint Presentation: Methods of grafting: 3. Surface modification by metal ions 13 PowerPoint Presentation: Methods of grafting: Acidic 4. Hydrolysis of the PAN Alkaline 14 PowerPoint Presentation: Methods of grafting: 5 . (Bio-)macromolecule surface modification PAN: 1. Homo-surface immobilization 2. Co-surface immobilization 15 PowerPoint Presentation: Methods of grafting: For example hydrolysis (alkaline) 16 PowerPoint Presentation: Methods of grafting: For example hydrolysis(primary amines) 17 PowerPoint Presentation: Methods of grafting: For example (Co-surface immobilization) 18 PowerPoint Presentation: Why modification? Increasing surface excess Improve of surface Increasing application Low toxicity low-cost adsorbents 19 PowerPoint Presentation: Application of modification: 1. Removal of heavy metal & dyes 2. Immobilization commercially 3. Recycling of proteins and enzymes 4. Membrane & Filtration 5. Other 20 PowerPoint Presentation: Conclusion Polyacrylonitrile, a commercial available material, has been widely applied in the preparation of separation membranes and hydrogels . These membranes and hydrogels have received much attention in the fields of water treatment, pervaporation and supports for other (bio-)macromolecules. poly acrylonitrile material is cheap and yet gives high efficient can cost improvement. Moreover, the economic cost of features that can be found in the fields of medicine, agriculture, chromatography, etc. 21 PowerPoint Presentation: References 1. Z.Gang Wang, L.Shu Wan, Z.Kang Xu ; Surface engineerings of polyacrylonitrile-based asymmetric membranes towards biomedical applications; Journal of Membrane Science 304 ( 2007 ) 8–23. 2. M. Jassal,S . Bhowmick,S . Sengupta,P . K. Patra,and .D. Walker; Hydrolyzed Poly(acrylonitrile) Electrospun Ion-Exchange Fibers; ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING SCIENCE Volume 31, Number 6, 2014. 3. Liya B. Krentsel , Yaroslav V. Kudryavtsev , Alexandr I. Rebrov,Arkady D. Litmanovich ,* and Nicolai A.Plate ; Acidic Hydrolysis of Polyacrylonitrile: Effect of Neighboring Groups; Macromolecules 2001 ,34,5607-5610. 4. T.Tran , S. Mori, M. Suzuki, Plasma modification of polyacrylonitrile ultrafiltration membrane; Thin Solid Films 515 ( 2007 ) 4148–4152 22 PowerPoint Presentation: Very thank you for atention me very thanks For attention me PowerPoint Presentation: ?

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