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Published on August 8, 2014

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Proyecto Final de Español II: Corey Zamrik Proyecto Final de Español II PowerPoint Presentation: Part one What can I now express?: After my time in this wonderful class, I have learned a lot that will help me grow as a person and as a human being. I learned how to to talk in small conversations regarding all sorts of topics. I can talk about what classes im taking in school, what I do to get ready in the morning. I can tell you whats in my apartment, I can tell you, my families names and their relationship to me, I can tell you what sports I like to play and the food I like to eat. That ’ s just to name a few. What can I now express? mi experiencia: Me encantaba ir a España para el verano . Me divertí mucho. Nunca olvidaré mi experiencia allí . Me divertí mucho ir a la escuela . Conocí a gente increíble . Los maestros también fueron tan agradable . He encontrado un gran apartamento con mi familia de acogida . El apartamento era muy bueno , me encantó . Mi familia anfitriona fue excelente y me ayudó a salir . Mi hermano y mi hermana son los mejores y mi madre era grande . Mientras que en España , he jugado mucho fútbol . Era una afición que tuvimos . los niños jugaban en la escuela conmigo . Comí algo de comida que no conocía . Fue agradable a probar alimentos nuevos . Comida en España es diferente a im solía . más picante y caliente . Me gusta la comida fría . Cuando yo estaba allí , yo estaba en un desfile y una celebración con el pueblo español . Viví cerca de madrid . la vida de la ciudad fue agradable pero tranquila . España fue increíble . mi experiencia Comparación- habla: http:// / i /s0BLhxRKJxsE Comparación - habla Differences in languages: First off, Spain is more of a romance language than English There is an additional letter in the Spanish alphabet The punctuation in Spanish is different, the is usually a punctuation mark before and after the sentence. Spanish has 5 vowels and English has 12. Verb grammar is similar and different in parts. Sentence structure is different that English for Spanish. Spanish word order is more flexible than English. Differences in languages Spanish culture: Spain has a lot of interesting culture and a lot of things that they do that is different than us. I liked leaning about the food that they eat because its different in some parts. The celebrations and different holidays were interesting as well. I never knew that there are so many cool building and homes in the country of Spain. It was so fun to learn about. Some clothes in spains culture are clothes that I wouldn ’ t even think about wearing but I guess that its popular in that country. Spanish culture What I hope to learn: If I were to continue learning Spanish, I would hope to continue to get better at writing and speaking and I want to keep learning new words. Spanish is interesting and Is fun to speak and write but its hard. I would like to maybe go to Spain for a couple days. I would like to be able to go on in Spanish so that I could really be fluent. That ’ s my goal eventually. What I hope to learn PowerPoint Presentation: Part two My experience with an online class: I have never taken an online class before so this experience was a little nerve wracking and different for me. I like the flexibility it brings and the chance to do it whenever your schedule permits. Being able to communicate with other students and the teacher was a nice touch as well. The experience was definitely a positive one. I'm glad I took this class. My experience with an online class Like/dislike: I loved the flexibility that the course provided. I have a vusy schedule so it worked out well for me. I liked all of the activities the course provided in order to help the student learn. It helped me learn better than just studying on my own. I liked the type of quizzes that the course had. I didn't ’ t like that I didn't ’ t get to see the teacher everyday but I got over that because being able to talk to her was very nice. The amount of projects and assignments was a little over whelming at first but I guess that ’ s what comes with taking an online class. Like/dislike What did I do/ can improve on: On a regular basis I would log onto the course to complete my days work. At that time, I practiced and studied my Spanish. I also asked for help if I was not positive I knew exactly what the directions said. I could’ve studied more and made flash cards to help really nail down the topics and vocab provided. I should’ve studied conjugations more and practiced my pronunciations more. I could have had my mom and dad quiz me to study. What did I do/ can improve on What my teacher did: My teacher was a very big help and a big reason why I liked the course. She reminded me a lot of what assignments are due and that was a big help. She wrote very helpful comments on my assignments that lead me in the right path. She recommended things that I should go back and study in order to get down the topics I was struggling on. My teacher did a lot for me so I wouldn’t say that there was much more she could have done. A great resource to have around and I’m glad I got into her classroom. What my teacher did citations: Sportsmail , reporter . Welcome home! History boys Spain greeted by jubilant fans in Madrid after Euro glory.2012,madrid. Mail online.08/08/14 Jensen,KJ.The true movable feast-Madrid.2014.Madrid.UW Students abroad.08/08/14 citations

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