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Published on August 8, 2014

Author: christiancail



Final Project Part 2: Final Project Part 2 Christian Cail Question 1: Question 1 The online class format was at first incredibly frustrating because I had no idea how to use moodle and it was very confusing. Once I began to understand how the class worked I began to enjoy the freedom which it afforded me. I learned at my own pace and focused on what I need to focus on. This I found to be liberating and conducive to the educational process. I didn’t have to sit around and wait for all the kids in my class to catch up like I sometimes find myself doing in standard live classrooms. Question 2: Question 2 I like the aspect of complete control of my own work and time. That relaxed and non pressured environment was fantastic. That being said the moodle start up course should be a bit more transparent. For someone like me who knows very little about computers and stuff like moodle, it was very very frustrating and discouraging. For the most part I was pleased with the course and I am very please with the things I’ve learned. I really hate e lingua folia though. I think providing evidence that we are learning is no more helpful to teachers than just observing our work in general. I thought it was tedious and a waste of time. Also, the question is the culture projects that asked what my opinions or personal ideas on the Spanish culture topic irritated me, because more often than not I won’t have a personal opinions about food I’ve never had or places I’ve never been. I suppose I could’ve just said they were pretty or something. Question 3: Question 3 I found that the most helpful thing to do was think in Spanish and during everyday conversation and occurrences I would translate my English into Spanish. I believe the paramount way to learn Spanish is to speak it with natural Spanish speakers. It adds pressure and forces you to push what you know. I did this as often as I could in my work place. When I was confused about something I often opened or other online resources to gather and collect my thoughts. Question 4: Question 4 I appreciated my teachers emails and whenever I called him for help, he was always available and willing to serve to student. One thing I appreciated is his role as the guider rather than the direct teacher. I like independence and auto-didacticism. So my teacher’s helpfulness without being a tyrannical authority as some teachers feel is necessary (many rightfully so based on the passive role many students play in their own education), was incredibly helpful and made for a relaxed work environment.

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