Final Project PP

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Published on March 8, 2014

Author: AricaTheobald



ADDIE: Job shadowing As A System Administrator: ADDIE: Job shadowing As A System Administrator By: Arica Theobald Analysis: Analysis There was not a needs assessment completed before current implementation Complete a new employee assessment Determine appropriate training method Facilitate transfer of training Length of training Design: Design Current: Shadow Andre to learn CRQ process for admin workstations Shadow multiple technicians for incident tickets for admin workstations Shadow multiple technician to learn CRQ and Incident process for production workstations Changes: Shadow only most proficient employee to learn proper process and procedures Develop and Implement: Develop and Implement Current program in place Modify current development Implement changes to current program Evaluate: Evaluate Current: evaluation only a 6 month performance appraisal Changes: 2 way evaluation upon completion (employee and supervisor) Open communication of employees performance 6 month performance appraisal

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