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Published on July 9, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: M O R C O C O Culture & tradition By: IMANE SALMI Second line of text Third line of text Framed by: PowerPoint Presentation: The concept of culture Culture in Morocco The concept of traditions and habits Traditions and habits in Morocco SOMMAIRE PowerPoint Presentation: The concept of culture Culture is the intellectual heritage that is characteristic of all nations from each other. Where the different nature of the culture and characteristics of the community to another community, and that the close link that connects between the reality of the nation's heritage, intellectual and cultural heritage, and culture grow with the growth of civilization of a nation, and as they decline with the underdevelopment that afflicts those of the nation, which expresses itself civilized culture that reached. PowerPoint Presentation: Culture in Morocco Morocco with a multi-ethnic culture and civilization rich nations. Throughout history, Moroccan, hosted this country many people coming from the East (Phoenicians, Jews and Arabs), and South (sub- Saharan Africa), and North (Romans, Vandals, Moors and Jews). It was for each of these categories, all impact on the social structure of Morocco, where it includes many of the beliefs, Kalehudah , Christianity and Islam. PowerPoint Presentation: Culture in Morocco Each district has a Moroccan specificities, and thereby contribute to making a mosaic of culture and cultural heritage of Morocco, where he developed the Kingdom as a priority to maintain their cultural heritage and protect the diversity and specificity. PowerPoint Presentation: The concept of traditions and habits Customs and traditions is a long experience of people's lives through their history, track events and developments, leaving people's behavior and patterns of their work and their beliefs clear impact in the community and is characterized by the customs and traditions in particular, circulating these customs and traditions of the fathers to the children and passed down from generations to Mralasor . And therefore represents the various aspects of human life, social life. PowerPoint Presentation: Traditions and habits in Morocco Morocco are among the countries known traditions and customs and are distinguished from other, and this is reflected in eating habits, dress, weddings, religious occasions and holidays, but they vary from one region to another. PowerPoint Presentation: THANK YOU FOR WATCHING

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