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Published on April 11, 2010

Author: jjharris



THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL : THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL WHO AM I : WHO AM I My name is Joel Harris I’m married with children I’m a History teacher I like sports and seeing my students succeed Class Expectations : Class Expectations I expect everyone to come to class prepared to work. Come to class with a great attitude Focus Respect everyone in the class Rules : Rules NO Hitting Horseplaying Chewing Gum Food Bad Language Entering Classroom : Entering Classroom Seating Assignments-Desk will be set up to activity we are doing that day. There will be no seating chart unless needed Assignment Rack-We will have a labeled magazine rack for all homework and class work. Homework-Will be placed in the Magazine rack at the beginning of class Calendar/Agenda-We will have all activities for the day written in the right hand corner of the blackboard. Classroom Procedures : Classroom Procedures Paper Heading-.Student will have to have the Name, Date, and Assignment written on the first line of the left hand corner of their paper. Restroom Breaks-There will be set bathroom breaks Sharpening will need to do this at the beginning of class. Throwing Trash Away-Permission will be needed to throw trash away. Dismissal : Dismissal Transition from class/assignment- You will have five minutes to prepare for next class Housekeeping Chores-All supplies, trash, and personal belongs must be retrieved before class is dismissed Dismissal-Class will be dismissed at the bell if housekeeping is done correctly QUESTIONS : QUESTIONS

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