Florida Receives Complaints Against economicfrauds

Information about Florida Receives Complaints Against economicfrauds

Published on July 19, 2012

Author: marfiistormy

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Florida Receives Complaints Against economicfrauds.com: Florida Receives Complaints Against economicfrauds.com PowerPoint Presentation: The Florida Office of Financial Regulation has received numerous complaints from people around the world against a fraudulent organization by the name of “Economic Frauds”. The complaints made against “Economic Frauds”, with an address of PO Box 22247, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 333 35, is that their website http://economicfrauds.com/ is a scam and stems from their claims that they can themselves recover funds from organizations that have already defrauded their victims. In each of the complaints made by the victims against “Economic Frauds”, requests for money are made of the victim, claiming to cover legal and administrative services, without any deliver of said services. Victims are asked for successively larger amounts of money in fees until they simply stop paying. Over fifty complaints of fraud have been made against “Economic Frauds”, their CEO Emilia Chidester and their website http://economicfrauds.com/ over the past 6 weeks. The Florida Office of Financial Regulation warns against any contact with “Economic Frauds” and for their victims to contact their local authorities immediately and file as detailed a complaint as they can. About the Office The Florida Office of Financial Regulation (OFR) was created in 2003 from cabinet reorganization legislation passed in 2002. Although relatively new, OFR’s beginnings as a banking, finance and securities regulator date back to the mid-1800s, with the creation of the former Comptroller’s office. OFR is self-supporting in that all of its operating revenues come from the organizations and individuals it regulates. economicfrauds.com, Fort Lauderdale, Florida Complaints & Reviews - Advanced Fee Fraud : economicfrauds.com , Fort Lauderdale, Florida Complaints & Reviews - Advanced Fee Fraud PowerPoint Presentation: Company information: Economic Frauds Fort Lauderdale, Florida United States I bought some stocks last year through a company called Sustainable Investments, which I have since learned is a boiler room scam. I found a website called "economic Frauds - economicfrauds.com that claimed to help victims of economic fraud and I filled in my details. They were looking for me to pay $150 in legal fees up front to join a legal case against Sustainable Investments. However I became suspicious of them because despite calling themselves “Economic Frauds” there is no partnership or company name details and their address is a PO Box. The only human being listed on the website is their CEO Emilia Chidester , who is not a lawyer and the whole thing just didn’t “feel” right. When I looked a littel further i found this blog post - http://economicfraudsscam.blog.com/2012/04/19/warning-against-%E2%80%9Ceconomic-frauds%E2%80%9D-economicfrauds-com-%E2%80%93-a-scam-website/ Any assistance would be appreciated

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