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Published on December 8, 2009

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Fractions : Fractions By Megan Taylor and Mackenzie Majeske Table of Contents : Table of Contents What is a fraction? How to write fractions How to read fractions Common Fractions Is it a fraction? Fractions equal to one Comparing Fractions Test your understanding Fraction Video Sources What is a Fraction? : What is a Fraction? A fraction is a number that can represent part of a whole The top is what you have (part) The bottom is out of how many (whole) How to Write Fractions : How to Write Fractions Fractions are commonly written with the number on top representing how many part(s) you have and the bottom representing the total number of parts in the whole Fractions can also be written in the form of ¼. How to Read Fractions : How to Read Fractions One half Three fourths Seven eights Two thirds Try It! : Try It! Connect the fraction with its name. Five sixths Six tenths Two thirds Three fifths Common Fractions : Common Fractions Uses of Fractions : Uses of Fractions Fractions are often used with: Cooking Baking Money Pizza/Pie Sharing Is it a fraction? : Is it a fraction? Yes No Yes Fractions equal to one : Fractions equal to one You will often see fractions that are equal to one when the top (part) and the bottom (whole) are equal in value. Try It! : Try It! Is it equal to one? Yes No Yes Comparing Fractions : Comparing Fractions The larger the denominator (bottom of the fraction) the smaller the fraction has in value. The smaller the denominator the larger the fraction has in value. Try It Out! : Try It Out! > > Using Number Lines to Compare Fractions : Using Number Lines to Compare Fractions 0 1 A number line is a good way to compare the value of fractions. Try it out! : Try it out! 0 1 3/6 Fill in the missing places on the number line with the correct fractions . 5/6 4/6 2/6 1/6 Test your understanding : Test your understanding Fraction Video : Fraction Video Quick Quiz : Quick Quiz How do you: Write “one half”? What is one reason you would need fractions Give one example of when you would use the fraction ¼? Quick Quiz Answers : Quick Quiz Answers ½ There are multiple correct answers. One is: To equally share with others There are multiple correct answers. One is: To share with four people Sources : Sources]

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