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Published on July 13, 2014

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FRAME AND BODY: FRAME AND BODY CHASSIS FRAME AND BODY: CHASSIS FRAME AND BODY Introduction of Chassis Frame: Chassis is a French term and was initially used to denote the frame parts or Basic Structure of the vehicle. It is the back bone of the vehicle. A vehicle with out body is called Chassis. The components of the vehicle like Power plant, Transmission System, Axles, Wheels and Tyres , Suspension, Controlling Systems like Braking, Steering etc., and also electrical system parts are mounted on the Chassis frame. the components including the body LAYOUT: LAYOUT FUNCTIONS OF THE CHASSIS FRAME : FUNCTIONS OF THE CHASSIS FRAME 1. To carry load of the passengers or goods carried in the body. 2. To support the load of the body, engine, gear box etc., 3. To withstand the forces caused due to the sudden braking or acceleration 4. To withstand the stresses caused due to the bad road condition. 5. To withstand centrifugal force while cornering TYPES OF CHASSIS FRAMES: : TYPES OF CHASSIS FRAMES: There are three types of frames 1. Conventional frame 2. Integral frame 3. Semi-integral frame VARIOUS LOADS ACTING ON THE FRAME: VARIOUS LOADS ACTING ON THE FRAME Momentary duration Load - While taking a curve. Impact Loads - Due to the collision of the vehicle. Inertia Load - While applying brakes. Static Loads - Loads due to chassis parts. Over Loads - Beyond Design capacity STATE THE DIFFERENT BODIES USED IN AUTOMOBILES : STATE THE DIFFERENT BODIES USED IN AUTOMOBILES PowerPoint Presentation: According to Chassis design the body can divided into 1. Conventional Type 2. Integral Type 3. Semi- Integral Type CONT..: According to other usage: 1. Light vehicle Bodies - cars, jeeps 2. Heavy vehicle Bodies – Busses, Lorries 3. Medium vehicle Bodies - Vans, Metadoors CONT.. REQUIREMENTS OF BODIES FOR VARIOUS TYPES OF VECHILE: The body should be light. It should have minimum number of components. It should provide sufficient space for passengers and luggage. It should withstand vibrations while in motion. It should offer minimum resistance to air. It should be cheap and easy in manufacturing. It should be attractive in shape and color. It should have uniformly distributed load. It should have long fatigue life It should provide good vision and ventilation. REQUIREMENTS OF BODIES FOR VARIOUS TYPES OF VECHILE

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