Fuel cell

Information about Fuel cell

Published on October 9, 2008

Author: thuy_duong_295

Source: authorstream.com


3 TYPICAL FUEL CELLS : 3 TYPICAL FUEL CELLS ☺ Phosphoric Acid ☺ Regenerative ☺ Alkaline PHOSPHORIC ACID CELLS : PHOSPHORIC ACID CELLS Commercial availability Using liquid phosphoric acid as the electrolyte Generating 40% electricity Operating at about 450°F Using impure hydrogen as fuel REGENERATIVE FUEL CELLS : REGENERATIVE FUEL CELLS A closed-loop form of power generation Generating electricity, heat and water Re-circulating back to the solar-powered electrolyte Researched by NASA and worldwide ALKALINE FUEL CELLS : ALKALINE FUEL CELLS Providing electricity and drinking water Using potassium hydroxide as the electrolyte Generating 70% electricity Operating at 160°F Requiring pure hydrogen and oxygen Long used by NASA, on the Apollo spacecraft

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