Gaining Real Insights from Across the Social Web

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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: dmai



Gaining Real Insights from Across the Social Web: Gaining Real Insights from Across the Social Web PowerPoint Presentation: Source: PowerPoint Presentation: Online Media News Community sites Special Interest Portals Email eNewsletters eCards eMail Social Computing Wikis Folksonomy Social Bookmarking Digital Devices Phones DVR (Tivo) PDAs Game Consoles Microcasting VBlogs Digital Radio Webcasting Podcasting Syndication Real Simple Syndication (RSS) Content Partnerships Conversations Blogs Listservs Message Boards Chat Rooms/Events IM Text-messaging Photo Blogs Viral Content Web Sites Press Rooms w/RSS Online Advertising Games & Contests Search Keyword Marketing Blog Aggregators Blog Search Engines Search Engine Optimization eAdvocacy Manifestos eAlerts Citizen Action Meetups Influencer outreach Why?: Why? Your opinion, though interesting, is irrelevant!: Your opinion, though interesting, is irrelevant! The Challenges: The Challenges How do we market our brand in a world where all our consumers are in a conversation with each other? How do we control the conversation? How do we ensure all that’s said about us is good? We cannot!: We cannot! We can, however: We can, however Create conversations Participate in them Get our advocates to participate And channelize things to better suit our purposes And we can do it in an interesting way…: And we can do it in an interesting way… And we can do it in an interesting way…: And we can do it in an interesting way… How?: How? At a broad level: At a broad level Conversational Media Listen Relevant conversations Best course of action Identify Respond But how do we actually do this?: But how do we actually do this? Managing the online reputation of a brand: Managing the online reputation of a brand Case I The Problem: The Problem Challenger brand Existing negative sentiment Upcoming launch Three Key Tasks: Three Key Tasks The Tasks Set-up: The Tasks Set-up Keyword Definition Buzz Analysis Keyword Refinement Bucketing the Buzz Ownership & Escalation Structure Response Strategy & Metrics The Tasks Operate: The Tasks Operate Monitor & Respond Build & Channelize Analyze & Feed back The Tasks Operate: The Tasks Operate Brand Health Metrics Monitor & Benchmark Revise Goals & Strategy How we fared: How we fared All brand health targets exceeded within the first quarter A 60%+ positive sentiment maintained across brands 40% reduction in turn-around-time over the first year Listening to build campaigns: Listening to build campaigns Case II The Brief: The Brief Launch Mahindra’s first global SUV on digital What we did: What we did Significant existing chatter We listened in and found there were four key areas of discussion The actual name of the SUV The price The styling Date of launch What we did: What we did We decided to leverage each of the key conversation drivers Name Price Styling Name reveal “Guess the Price” Unlock Camera Angles Launch Launch Event Livecast The Results: The Results Over 58k fans in 28 days A viral reach of over 210k on the launch date 150k+ views of the livecast 115k contest entries in 10 days 450k+ likes to unlock the camera angles 500k+ mentions across 500+ social destinations Listening to optimize campaigns: Listening to optimize campaigns Case III The Task: The Task Get a larger audience talking about Office 365 on social media to drive maximum traction around the brand’s launch What we did: What we did We leveraged common to every working professional: “Excuses… ..for not being able to come in on time …for not closing something on time …for not being able to travel …” And created a Twitter campaign around it So where does listening come in?: So where does listening come in? People went crazy with # SorryBoss We listened in intently… And participated, adding fuel to the fire Connecting with relevant audiences through conversations across The Results: The Results Trended nationally for 36 hours straight 4.3k tweets generated, with just 789 by followers Reached 2.10Mn people Added 246 followers on the handle And we even got some media coverage: And we even got some media coverage Is that it?: Is that it? Reputation management Real time insights In depth research Trendspotting Influencer identification & management Campaign optimization & support Insights into communication strategy Lets talk: Lets talk

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